Wednesday, December 7, 2011

After The Wave

So how much would YOU change after the Gender Wave?

I try not to ask questions when inspiration hits.  I honestly thought I wasn't going to be in the mood to make caps today, but immediately after posting "Memories", inspiration struck again.

I was just going about my normal 'post cap' process.  Save the final file, close Photoshop, close Word, and then close out the four or five tabs in my web browser.  But as I was closing the windows, I saw this image:

And boom... I had an idea.  After getting transformed, a guynowgal reflects on how life hasn't changed all that much.  Including having his/her lovers go down on him/her.  I shrugged, re opened up all the programs, and started writing.  But I quickly realized that while the image was good for inspiring the story, it wasn't quite right.  The looks on the models faces wasn't what I wanted, and she seemed almost... I don't know... bored?

So before I started putting details in the story, I went and searched for a different image.  My first grab was this:

I liked it better for several reasons.  One it was vertical, and I honestly prefer vertical images.  Two, the look on her face didn't make me feel like she would rather be reading a good book.  But after writing a bit I found some faults as well.  Its a nice pose, but the guy looks like he is in as much control as the girl, and that didn't match where the story was going.  It also has a more 'amature' look to it, and I would rather have a professional look to the photo.  So... back to looking for THE image.

Thankfully I found the image I used.  It was perfect.  Her face told a tale of lust and power, it was vertical, interestingly lit, and it had a wonderful perspective to it.  The posing of the photo helped me finish off the quickie story and even helped in the design.  I know the design is very top/right heavy' but that was done on purpose.  I wanted to give the viewer the sense that they were the guy kneeling before this powerfully sexy woman.  You will be looking up her body to the story.

For inspiration out of nowhere, I have to say I'm really rather happy with this one.  I'm fairly sure I've seen the idea elsewhere, but I think I put a good enough spin on it to make it mine.


  1. For fun, here is my instant ideas in looking at the two pictures you didn't use for a caption.

    (1st) "I swear, I don't see anything wrong down there. You look the same to me!" .. "Look again! I'm SURE there is something is different. Ever since last night at that magic show, I feel like something's off. Oh well, since you're already down there Sweetie .. Oh yeah, that's the spot!"

    (2nd) Jake and his friends were warned not to go camping out in those woods. Strange things happen out there, even the Native Americans abandoned the land eons ago. Now Jake looks down at his friend, hoping that Kurt can get all the snake venom out. He does admit it does feel quite good. Kurt really does have a knack for "removing venom!"

    Wonder what everyone else thought of when they first saw your rejected pictures?

  2. Oh I like that first one Dee! It matches up with the photo so much better than the idea it gave me! And please... if anyone has some ideas, post them here. Maybe I'll take one of them and make it into a cap. In fact if you want to have it personalized just let me have your male/female name and I'll make it just for you!