Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Girl with the Pretty Tattoos!

Hows that for a 'wall of text' cap?

So long as I'm in a capping mood, I'm just going to keep riding this wave.  With that in mind, I went over to the Haven to find someone to cap for.  My eyes first caught on Cortney.  I've made a few for her, but don't feel like I've ever done a really good one for her.  But when looking around I didn't find any image that gave me an idea for her.

Oddly enough, this image showed up when searching for 'Silly Sexy Girl'.

I don't know about silly, but it is certainly a sexy girl.  I just didn't feel it was right for Courtney.  But Dee.... yea, this would be right up her alley.  I had already planned on capping Dee, but I wanted it to be a little more 'outside' the box, or creative.

I began writing, figuring something would come up to spice up the design.  But as I wrote, I realized I was writing in my longer story format.  and Dee is more of a fan of the quick hit.  But the problem with the 'quick hit' style of capping is that the words are kept to a minimum.  And this layout just didn't work with that.  It would fit a nice wordy story great... but if I kept the sentences shorter, it would leave a ton of empty space.

After a few failed attempts, I just started writing a quick back and forth.  What came out was exactly what is in the cap.  But looking at it in word, then looking at the image.... well I just didn't think it would work.  On a lark, I copied the story into Photoshop, and tried to shoehorn it in.  I had to have a big font, but when it got big enough, I didn't have space.  I tried to select all the text to get a different size, but evidently missed, and only selected a couple words... so when I changed the font size they were huge compared to everything else.

Mm.. that immediately brought to mind the cap I made for the Haven Quarterly (and no... you still can't see it, unless you buy the eZine!).  It used a similar layout for the text.  So I spent the next hour or so putting the text in piece by piece.  Oddly enough after about 10 minutes I found that it was easier to fill in the text starting at the bottom, and then working my way back up.  That way I could place each part of the conversation in just the right way.

I'm fairly happy with this.  The story is a little... meh.  And the design isn't really anything to write home about... but when it all comes together, I think it works pretty good!


  1. I agree on all points, except for the story being "meh" :) It's not your bestest swesomesauce story everm but it is compelling and enjoyable..

    The visual style takes it over the top.. quite striking, and it draws you in... Not a big fan of overly tatted girls, but I enjoyed this one, and I'm sure dee adored it :)


  2. Here's what I wrote in the Haven, where this was posted to my folder ..

    Its amazing how vibrant ink can look now. My tats are pretty well faded and blah .. maybe I need to hit THAT tattoo parlor .. I think they'll bring out the best in me! Thanks Sweetie, and I like how you made your watermark part of the tattoos.

    Tasty pussy? How would YOU kno . ohhhh! Its not fair to call the tattoo artist beefy though .. Matilda is quite the nice girl once you get to know her a bit!


    What is on that plate? Porcini mushrooms?

    After reading this, I didn't realize it took you a while to whip this up. It felt like it just flowed really naturally. I also thought that the big words part was sort of a little tribute to me PUNCTUATING words that I stress in MY captions for specific EMPHASIS LOL

  3. The decision to play around with font sizes was brilliant. It really added to the flow of the conversation, showing the points of emphasis and the strength of each statement, almost the same way you would score a piece of music. Amazingly written and perfectly composed.