Monday, December 5, 2011

Always Lock The Door

I know what you are thinking.... Cute Shoes!

To be honest, I was just finishing up with some work for a cap I'm making for Alectra.  I had an image that I was playing around with color options, and went back to the web, so I could save an original version.  Out of curiosity, I clicked through to see what website it came from, and found myself on a blog titled Sexuelle. Specifically a page from September 2010.  I didn't even scroll down that far when I found this image... and BOOM, I had a quick cap written in my head.  It wasn't new, it wasn't original, but it would certainly be fun for those that share my personal kings (and yes, that's why I used Jeremy/Jennifer... she shares my kinks!).

The only problem I had was the image itself.  It was fairly small.  Here is the original image:

Its only 653x481 pixels.  I generally prefer my images to start out at over 1000 pixels wide.  I can then shrink it down if needed, as that doesn't hurt the quality all that much.  But blowing up an image to almost twice its size... hmm...

If you blow up to the full size, you can see how much pixelation was added to make this 1000 pixels wide. It honestly is just unacceptable to me.  But this image just SANG to me, and I didn't want to even attempt to look for another one.  So I had two options.  Just use the smaller one, even though it wasn't the best of quality, or try out some filters in Photoshop and see if I could clean it up some.

I went with the second option, giving myself 20 minutes.  If I didn't have a satisfactory result in that time, I would revert to option 1, and just make a small cap.

It turns out I needed all of 2 minutes.  My first thought was to blur the image.  Just enough so that the pixelation wouldn't be quite noticeable.  Now normally I use the 'Gaussian' Blur option in Photoshop.  It gives a very nice 'out of focus' look.  Great for most of the time, but it isn't the effect I wanted here.  Out of the other options I tried the 'Surface' Blur.  I tired it on the default settings just to see what it would do, and.. well I'll let it speak for itself:

As you can see, its not perfect.  Around her head and hands, it still is a little pixelated.  But I knew the focus of most people would be on her panties, thighs and ass.  And that area looked damn good to me.  Once the image was clean, the rest went lickity split!


  1. It seems like no matter WHAT Jeremy does, it always ends up with spanking and a blowjob! Poor thing! I wonder why that always seems to happen? LOL

  2. Lovely work, and YES, nice shoes :)

  3. Thank you sooo much! Until I stumbled onto your blog. I thought I was the only one who had these wishes and dreams. You've made this sissy girl happy! Keep up the wonderful job.


  4. Mary,

    You are MOST welcome, and thank YOU for the kind words.

    Just know that you are not alone in these desires. If you want to see more, just view some of the blogs I view on the side here, and hit up Rachel's Haven (

    You'll find a lot of people share your dreams!

  5. I wanted to say something to this sooner, but I forget why I didn't. I know something got in the way and things slipped my mind.

    But thank you for including me in this cap! It's very simple, but it hits the spot! Especially since I've had this sort of fantasy before. *giggle* Being caught and forced into it, even when it's something I know I love, is a huge turn on!

    I guess someone would say it's my way of taking the guilt out of liking this by making my self a "victim". But I just call it hot and say anyone could bend me over the knee any time they want!

  6. Wow! Calvin has a mean Streak! Although, I kind of think Jeremy liked it.