Friday, December 9, 2011

I'll take care of you

Would you take care of him?

Just another idea for a quickie.  Oddly enough this started out as a completely different idea.  I had a vague idea of a man getting in debt to someone, and paying it off as his maid.  He would reduce his sentence periodically by working to make himself more effeminate, and even more sexually appealing.  So he would wear the dress for a month's reduction.  Wear makeup and do his hair for 6 months off.  Get breast implants for a year off.... stuff like that.

The picture would be of a sexy maid kneeling in between a man's legs, holding his cock (see how this image came up!?), with the final proposal of the remainder of his time as a maid in trade for a blow job.  The tag line would be something like, 'o.k... but can I stay your maid anyway?'

Well that was my idea.  It was vague enough that I could pull details from whatever image I wanted, I just had to have a woman kneeling between a man's legs, preferably with her hands on his cock, and preferably in a maids outfit.  I picked this image for it, thinking I could slide in something about getting some more time removed by working nude (which would be funny after agreeing to the maid outfit!).

But when I started writing, it just didn't come together. I wrote and wrote and wrote, figuring I could always edit it down and tighten it up, but really after reading it, I just tossed it out.  It was a page and a half of crap. Instead of starting over, I started in this new direction.   The main thing I wanted to set up in the story was a sense of guilt.  The transformed person would feel so indebted to this guy that he would be willing to do almost anything.

I don't think I quite captured that, but I'm pretty happy with the story.

Well... no, that's a lie.  I'm not happy with it, but I'm just done writing.  I think it works well enough, and I want to be done.  Instead of just trashing several hours worth of work, I put it into this design and called it done.


  1. My answer to the question: yes. Nice job! I think you did the right thing (invested the right amount of effort into the cap). Her decision felt natural and appropriate to me. :-)


  2. I liked it wether or not you did.

  3. I see what you were going for in this cap, and I enjoyed it for what it is. But, I think it's one of those story's that require getting to know the person a little more, feeling an attachment. Maybe that's why you don't feel it didn't hit the mark just right.

    I didn't feel a sense of guilt really, it was there but not in your face. I did feel a sense of duty, that he felt he needed to do this for him like she felt she needed to return his kindness. And, I did enjoy that side of it.