Friday, February 3, 2012

Experience Everything

'Everything' includes an addiction to cock!

So while I was posting the last few caps I made ("She'll Learn" and "Body Suit Instructions") over at the Haven, I clicked on the wrong link and was presented with a list of threads that had updated since I was last there.   I normally don't keep up with all that goes on at the Haven any more, so while I had the list up I read a few threads, and a few new caps.  One of the threads was from Argus (probably better known outside the Haven as Evie).  It seems her blog was recently suspended by Blogger.

This has been happening a lot lately.  I've been to Evie's blog many times, but it wasn't one that I went to daily, so I didn't notice it was gone (even though it was suspended back on January 24th).   If you haven't noticed it yet, Blogger is apparently at random suspending blogs and requiring the owner to give their phone number as proof of ownership.  A code is then text messaged to this number, and that code will allow the user to open their blog back up.

Now if your blog is "Tony's Gardening Tips", or "Samantha's Bar Recommendations of South Philly",  you probably don't care if Blogger knows who you really are.  And while I can't speak for all cap artists, I really don't want Blogger to know who I really am.  I'm perfectly happy behind my email address.  If a site requests to know my name I list it as:

First Name:  Caitlyn.
Last Name:  Masked

This helps ensure my anonymity, and also helps me keep my Caitlyn persona seperate from my 'Real Life' personal.  My real life persona has had a gmail account for a long long time, and now has a G+ account, a Piccsa account... basically almost all of Goggle's services.  And just in case you didn't know... Google owns Blogger, and runs it as one of their services.

So while I can appreciate Google wanting to keep accounts secured (hey, steal my password and steal my account.. but you would have to physically steal my phone to keep me from getting it all back!), I would probably be in Evie's same state... screwed.  Unless she wants to give Blogger/Google a phone number where she can get receive a text, she will not get access to her blog back.  And for Evie this is doubly bad, as she had caps up on her blog that she no longer has copies of.  So unless she figures out a way to get her account back, they are gone forever.

The more I thought about Evie and her situation, the more I felt bad for her.  She really is between a rock and a hard place.

So I decided to make her a cap.  No, its not going to solve any of her problems, but hopefully it will bring a smile to her face.  I had been eyeing these pictures for a couple days and just LOVED both the photography and the model (Kagney Karter), but it didn't give me a coherent enough idea to make a story from.  But with Evie's preferences as tools to manipulate it, the story came into focus.


  1. Got to love Kagney Karter. She's a sexpot in every way and you wrote something very fitting for Evie. I know she will love it!

  2. This is a perfect caption for Evie, and I hope her situation works out okay. It just sucks that the only way google lets you back in after your account has been "hacked" is by giving up a phone number.

    But anyway, great set of captions and they look fantastic.

  3. I wonder if getting a burner phone would work for re-activating an account anonymously? One of those 7-11 Specials that allow incoming texts if they come with that option would be ideal.

    1. (fitting name since we're talking about Anonymity!)

      Several people thought of that and told Evie about it at the Haven. I think that would be fine for 're-activating' her account. But that number would be forever associated with Evie's blogger and entire google account. If she got hacked or locked down by google again, it would require that number to prove her identity. And most burner phones don't hold onto their phone number unless you keep it active. Which goes from a convenient 1 time fee, to a PITA monthly fee. But I agree, that seems to be the only way that she can get back her account at all and still keep her anonymity.