Friday, February 3, 2012

She'll Learn

And she'll love learning!

So I recently got a 'free' cap from JPL (JPL Debi, and/or Debi) on the haven.  The psudo quotes are because she offers her caps for free, and doesn't expect a return.  Debi wrote up a post saying that she was offering her caps for free because so many people were worried about cap debt.  I can only imagine that I was one of the people she was thinking of as I've often whined about being to deep in cap debt.

I think her way of giving caps away is brilliant.  I just want to make sure that she doesn't get burned by her generosity.  Plus I've found her caps to be really well written, and appreciated.  I love returning caps (especially when the cap making bug has me under its spell, like it does now!).

So it seems that Debi's big button to push is his wife/girlfriend making him over into their daughter, and making him get pregnant.  Now I really like the idea of being made into someone's daughter... but with the dirty mind that I have, its a tough line to walk as I always feel it necessary to sneak in a reference to her age. Specifically that she is 18 or older.

Getting photo isn't hard.  There seems to be quite a plethora of 'young girl' xxx photos (again, young being 18-20).  My only problem is that these photos are rarely the quality I'm looking for.  Instead of being focused on creating a wonderfully photographed scene, the people that produce these images focus instead on showing that this is a young girl.  As if that is the only thing that matters.  So searching for images to inspire me isn't the easisest thing to do.  I find plenty that would work, but not many that I really like.  And when I came across these images, I thought i was in for more of the same.  The light in the photograph is fairly flat, and between the skirt and the 'report' they are sharing, it seemed that this was more about proving that this porn star is a young lady, and not about making a good photograph.

And then I came upon the image I used in the second panel.  The positioning of the couple and the camera leads to a wonderful perspective.  And the expression on her face.... wow.  So I kept the image series open, and sat back to think about how to use them.  Sadly a story didn't immediately present itself, but I don't often write the 'husband changed to his wife's daughter to get pregnant because he hadn't given his wife a child' style of story, so it isn't surprising that I didn't come up with a story.  Now this preferences is pretty all encompassing.  It not only gives what the man is transformed into (a daughter) but it gives what her life will be (to get pregnant), and why it was done (because he denied his wife a child).  Debi has had many caps written for her that have used that story line.  Most are good, but even the best ones have a hard time standing out.

So I wanted to make this a little different.  I decided not to focus on the actual transformation, but her mental training instead.  When I looked at the image in the first panel, I could just picture his wife's apprehension, hoping that he would finally succumb to his new life of Debi, and work on getting pregnant.  Now I knew it would lead to the second image, so I started writing.  To give it a bit more difference I write it from his wife's perspective, letting his feelings come out in actions instead of spelling out that he was hurt, shy, scared, embarrassed....

I think the story was coming along nicely when I got interrupted by someone at the door.  After a 15 minute talk about my financial future and what this new company could offer me in the form or Roth IRAs or other retirement planning (hard to plan for retirement when I'm not working!), I returned to the story.  And I don't know where it came from, but it hit me... what if the boy doing such good work with Debi was once a girl?  What if in fact he was the wife of his former neighbor?  So often Debi has to meet her new 'step father', wouldn't it be kind of cool if her 'mother' and 'step father' worked together to get him and his neighbor's wife together as a young couple!?

I had already written all of the first panel, and the first text box in the second panel, so writing up the last text box was just the right amount of 'gut punch' to end the story with.  All I did to change what I had previously wrote was add "And if Aaron couldn’t help her accept it, then no one could." to the first panel.  That way there was at least a hint that something new was going on.

I don't plan on writing more female to male transformations, so I won't add a category for it, but if it comes up again I think I will add it, as it feels like it could be interesting!

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