Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is this what you had in Mind?

When making the perfect woman, make sure to include everything!

So the other day I was making a cap that turned out to be fairly long.  I didn't finish it, hoping that I could pick it up later and complete it.   But the next day... nothing.  I didn't cap at all as I figured if I couldn't do that, I just wasn't in the mood.  This morning I took a look at it... and nothing.  I had lost all spark to finish it.

But instead of just giving up on capping at all, I thought I might just leave it to the side and make a new cap.  As I opened up Fuskator (by the way, I keep mentioning this not to name drop, but so that I have a link to it easily available for later use.  I haven't memorized the name just yet.. I keep thinking fukamator!) I remembered that I had a cap that I owed.  It was from Jeannie, an artist that I hadn't capped before.  Her preferences were fairly wide open and she had listed them in a post dated December of 2006.  She had updated it once in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  I figured since the 2011 update was the farthest from her original request (both in time and subject matter) that I would focus in on that.

She wanted to be a transgurl, and included three such gurls.  One of them was Britney Markham whom I really like myself (I recognized her body, but didn't know her name until I went searching for images).  There were plenty to choose from but this one really stuck out to me.  The guys expression is what gets me, and makes me think of two friends.  With the basic idea of two friends, one transforming the other, I wrote this up fairly quickly.  I thought it was a fun, tongue in cheek cap.

The design fell together fairly easily, and I quickly posted it to the haven.  The only problem really came up once I started posting here and re-read it.  I hadn't used any name but my own.  Jeannie generally likes to have the male name of John and the female name of Jeannie, or any female 'J' name.   I was just in the habit of making caps for no one in particular, and the story didn't have an obvious place to slip her name into it as i was her speaking to Calvin.

I hope she doesn't mind.  She didn't mention it in her comment to the cap, but I'll have to keep my eye on it for later caps.

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