Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Learn how to kiss for Valentine's Day

Lessons always help... right?

So I felt kind of bad for only having a nice sweet Valentine's Day cap.  I figured I should throw together a quick dirty one to kind of balance it out.   To be honest, I didn't throw a lot of effort into this, as I knew that the image behind it would be most of the fun.  But it does follow that well tread path.

Just imagine if everything was like the TG world.  If you wanted to keep your manhood intacact would you EVER sign anything without a team of lawyers present to comb over every single detail and spell out every singe procedure?

Hmm... nevermind.  Probably asking the wrong group of people.  The answer is just a little too obvious... of course you would sign it.  In fact if it was this world, we would be running aorund and signing up for Everything!


  1. Wow. Loved this too.
    Please post where you got the picture from - she's beautiful.

    1. Thanks for you kind words Alamo. I get most of my pictures for fuskator.com now. That includes this one. Once I finish with a cap, I don't keep a link to the images, and as fuskator updates often, it will be pretty far back in their archive. But I'm sure it can be found there.

  2. Thanks Caitlyn. I found it pretty easily. Love your caps.