Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That Doesn't Make Me A Sissy. Does It?

If you have to ask the question, does it really need an answer?

So I had a couple ideas in my head about a new cap.  First, I was thinking of making a 'two sissy' cap and having it be for both Jennifer and Petra.  I can make a cap that either enjoys just by writing it for myself, and then changing the names out.  I was also contemplating a Mardi Gras theme.. you know.. beads?  Show your tits?  That holiday has TG written all over it.

But when I went looking for images, I saw this one.  The cropping, the lighting, the expression, the pose... it all screamed to be capped.  And really, that shouldn't come as a surprise... I had seen an image from this set before.  Way back in July of 2011 another image from this series had inspired me to write the cap that eventually became "Anticipation/Satisfaction".  I never actually used the image that inspired me, but it stayed with me.

Just like then, I saws this image and the story just came to mind.  Although a little differently.  This is another variation on 'the slipperly slope'.  No one step seemed wrong when compared to what he had already done. So putting it into a full stream of thought made sense.

When designing this cap I was kind of stuck with the text.  Sure I coulc add a phrase or two in, and maybe take one or two out... but I really needed this to march forward step by step.  I didn't have the luxury of taking any step out, otherwise the 'next' step would seem to go  little far.  My first thought was to design it kind of like "Deep Down Desires", in that the text would sit within the borders of the image.  And if I had half of the text, or the image wasn't cropped in so much (I dind't crop it at all... that's how I found it online), then that might have worked.  But there was just to much text.

I was just about to save the cap with my normal design when I just tilted my head a bit.  Boom.  The image looked SO much better with that little 'Caitlyn' tilt.  Plus doing that gave me a lot more space to make the title a little more interesting.


  1. I loved this. Beautiful picture, and delicious cap. I loved reading about it's genesis too.

  2. That was a really good cap Caitlyn... loved it... excellent story to match a gorgeous pic