Friday, February 24, 2012

Server Maintenance

Cleaning up the server never looked this fun!

While over at DX I noticed someone posted a set of images in the caption area, but there was no captions to go wtih them beyond the title of her thread 'A delivery of new file storage units causes uncharacteristic confusion in OS'.  After taking a few moments to gape at the lovely ladies in the photos I realized that I was looking at filing cabinets.  I originally thought that they were server enclosures.  So I waited for a few days, but she didn't add anything more, and I had so many quick hit captions going through my head that I just had to make it into a cap of my own.

I avoided any of the DX references I had, just in case Celeste was going to make one out of them.  But I jumbled up the other ideas into a single cap.  Its nothing special, but I thought it was pretty fun, and hope someone gets some enjoyment out of it!


  1. Poor John... Before this is over, I have a feeling someone is going to have him run
    rm -rf ~/masculinity
    on his life! ;-)

  2. I just love this cap, Caitlin! The whole idea of a strong woman reforming a man who has seen or used women as objects is very strong for me. It's also well worded, and aesthetically pleasing. Very good indeed!