Saturday, February 18, 2012

Resistance is... REQUIRED!

If you can't resist, Alectra can!

So last week while posting "Deep Down Desires"  I mentioned that I was working on a cap for Alectra.  I finished it up this morning.  Now way back when Alectra requested a cap from me, one of the first things I thought about was doing something that was transitional.  Not just transitioning from masculine to feminine, but transitioning from Alectra to Raffside.  I didn't want this to be a long story having Raffside or some narrator talking about how she was once Alectra... I wanted it to be right in the middle.  To see Alectra putting up the resistance that will eventually leading her to break and become Raffisde.

To be honest, beyond that premise the ideas just kept changing for this one.  Alectra had settled down to these two images, but they both brought me different ideas.  The first image can be summed up by the last line in the first panel.  Its Pablo not wanting to be this sexy curvy submissive woman, and Alectra acting like she is.  I don't know where I get that from, but I get the sense that this girl isn't as submissive as her position, clothes, and leash suggest... she's just acting like she is. As if she is trying to fool someone.

The second image I get a completely different vibe from.  In that one my initial impression is of reluctant acceptance.  She isn't fooling anybody, and now wants what she is getting.

Obviously the stories go in different directions.  But when I sat down, I kept mixing them up.  I would write about Alectra trying to fool her captors, but she kept reluctantly accepting it, which didn't match the first panel (at least not to me).   I would then write about Alectra slowly submitting... basically becoming Raffside right before our eyes... but I kept making her resist to much.

So I had to keep putting this to the side.  I knew there was a good story there, I just needed time to get to it.

When I went to pick it up yesterday, I got a little fright.  Not only did nothing come to me as I looked at these images... there was no desire to cap.  Since late last year, I've had a very strong almost consistent desire to cap.  I haven't always taken advantage of it because the desire alone isn't enough... I also have to have that creative spark otherwise the cap will still fall flat.  But I had that a lot too.  I think these past few months have been some of my most productive.

But yesterday.... nothing.  It was like last summer.  I didn't panic, I didn't cry, I didn't scream.  I just carried on doing other things.  And thankfully this morning I did have the desire back.  But yesterday reminded me that this cappy feeling is fickle.  And if it follows the pattern I've had for the last couple years (or in other words, since I've been capping), that sometime this spring the desire will go away.  I have no idea why this feeling is seasonal, but I just don't seem to have nearly as strong a desire to cap in late spring/summer/early autumn.

I promise though, that I won't whine about it nearly as much as I did last year.  And I'll keep plugging away and make caps when I can.

But back to this cap.  I refocused on my original premise.  Transition from Alectra to Raffisde.  Alectra says that her character becomes Raffside when she fights to hard and finally submits, changing into the slutty submissive Raffside.  But instead of having her resist against Pablu, I wanted a stronger external force.  I know I still had to start from Pablo and he wouldn't want to change at all, so thats where the idea of signing up for a university research experiment came in.

Once I wrote the first few paragraphs, the idea started to really flow, and I finished it up in one writing.  I did have to edit some out, but it was just me floundering around in the beginning, adding details that I thought I might expand upon.  Seeing as I never touched them again, I just deleted those parts out to make the story a little more tight.

I think the cap is pretty good overall.  I'm not sure if my underlying story of Alectra ---> Raffside is evident enough (and especially if you don't know Alectra's preferences), but I think its good even without that.


  1. \(@_@)/ I think I lost myself in my own craziness!!! *giggle*

    Good approach Caitlyn hehe. Well Don't worry about that... ummm being seasonal? Does that mean Caitlyn goes in and out whenever she wants? I think you should start to put her on a leash in order to not let her go away with your ideas *grumble* Yep, I've gone a bit crazy with that line sorry! :)

    I just imagined a girl running away with your photoshop in her hands and you down the hill, trying to keep up with her pace. haha

    If anything and in my opinion you strike hard right onto the point with your stories. That's why I keep going back to your blog and read them! :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Don't feel alone on that thought... I tend to be like that, from time to time. With pictures there in my hard drive (some of them, strikes me a story, but I forgot to do it and them when I want to do it is no longer in my head and I just say meh!) So it must be something about being moody or something :)

  2. You've worked wonders with this little story, my dear. The images you picked are sooooo yummy, but what you did with them design-wise makes me melt. A wonderfully wicked story of resistance and domination. Beautiful.

  3. Well that was a wonderful little head trip. Great story and the caption looks absolutely amazing.