Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

True love takes time!

So I've been fighting off a cold the last few days, and to be honest the fight hasn't been going well.  Thankfully it doesn't involve a headache or stomach ache as I find it almost impossible to work through those two symptoms.  Coughing, being stuffed up, and having a sore throat are things I can deal with.  But while I can deal with them, they do make it hard to cap.  It's hard to feel 'sexy' when I'm constantly wiping snot off my upper lip.

But I not capping for these past few days has been frustrating enough that I wanted to give it a go.  Being that it's Valentine's Day I thought it only natural to make a cap for it.  I searched for an image that to me showed more love than lust, and when I saw this one... well it just screamed out for a cap.  I originally figured I would write a very short and sweet story about a guy getting transformed by his friend.  He would admit that it he went along reluctantly, but now loved him for it.

While I didn't start with the last paragraph, I had that in mind as the last half of the story.  But I couldn't get the first 'half' to work.  It just felt like it needed a little more explanation.   And even at this length, I feel his emotional transformation (from being forced, to being reluctant, to being willing) is still a little jarring.  But I really didn't want to write two panels worth, so I finally stopped here.

While its not the best TG Valentine's Day cap I ever found, I do think its pretty good, and I'm happy with it.

Oh BTW.  I stumbled upon a cap blog that I had never visited before.   Now I come across 'new' blogs fairly often, and I'll visit them.  But most of the time they only have a handful of caps, and its hard to get an inkling of what the artists' style will end up as.  Some have nice designs, some have nice stories, but rarely does a 'new' blog have both.   And for the most part, they seem to be looking for comments.

Well the blog I found isn't new.  It was started back in 2010.  The earliest caps are white text on a black background.  But after a few months, this artist started using colored backgrounds and even colored text.  The thing that rally caught my eye though was the text placement.  They use a lot of negative space around the text which really sets it off.  Its nothing complex or over designed, and it looks really good.

And the writing?  Very nice!

But the part that really inspired me to follow the blog, and tell everyone here about it, is the fact that they don't have comments enabled on their blog.  There is no voting, or any other method to give this artist a thumbs up.  From what I can see, they simply have a desire to make caps, and post them online.  I think it really adds to the 'purity' of their caps.

They don't have a big following (I believe I was the 55th person to follow the blog).  So head on over to L. Stark Captions and give it a look.  I think just about everyone can find something that they'll like there!


  1. I JUST found that blog and i haven't combed thru it but I plan too very soon.

    Also, I'm loving this caption! It's the perfect balance of domineering and sweet. You obviously did a lot of work with the writing and the picture and design really work well together.

  2. Definitely the perfect balance in the cap. I knew where it was headed and so loved the journey.