Monday, June 25, 2012


It's not what you think.

So after finishing up with "The Workshop"  I started to work on the cap I talked about in "Hazing Revenge". I didn't get far, but I did get an intro out, and what will more than likely be the first in a three panel cap series (not including the title image).  When I decided I was done I started saving everything and closing out the windows.  The last one to get closed was the 'fuskator' window.

Yea.... I saw an image that got my mind working (and some other parts of my body) and got inspired for an idea that I've had in the back of my head for awhile.  Fair warning... if you haven't read the cap yet I suggest you do now.

You see I've always liked the idea of the 'Guy is playing dress up in his sisters room, sister's boyfriend walks in and blackmails guy into continued dressing and either BJ's or further transformations (or both!)'.  I've never really made one along those lines as I think it's been done very well and I don't have a really new spin on it.  Sure, I've done 'Caught with Consequences' before but not that specific line.  I think because it was the storyline in some of the first caps that I remember reading and really enjoying.

So the idea I had was to set up a story like that, but twist it around.  Make the person trying to blackmail the innocent cross dresser play dress up himself and even suck off his intended suckee.  After reading Steffi's dark story "Regrets" the idea came back stronger than ever.

So with that thought flowing around the back of my head and this image coming up... well I just had to give it a swing.  I was already kind of creativly tapped out after "the Workshop" and working on the Sissy Olympiad so I took the 'easy' route and just put in peoples names that I already knew and that had a kind of 'arch type' to them already.  I'm not going to say this is for either Jennifer or Simone.... but I think they'll get a kick out of it.

I hope you like the story as is, and I really hope you like the juxtaposition of the common trope.


  1. I did get a kick out of it! And I have always loved that shot from amateur allure!

    And you know that blackmail is always a plus! But I got to say, I didn't see it turning around on me! Bravo!

  2. sooo....awsome!