Monday, June 4, 2012

Back... but maybe still away

I'm going to be capping, but not posting them here.
I'm sure most of the people that read these posts and not just here for the caps themselves are already aware of what Rachel's Haven is, and more specifically what the Haven Quarterly is.  So I'm not going to go into a long description of them.

I'm more or less posting this to explain why it might be a little dry here for awhile. You see I some how missed that the fourth edition of the Haven Quarterly is coming up.  They started posting about it in mid May, and have a deadline of late June for submissions.  I found out about it this afternoon and plan on making a few caps for it.

I hope to make three.  Two smallish ones and a larger series.  The first smaller one I have in mind will be based on twitter somehow.  I don't have the specifics worked out, but it WILL be limited to 140 characters (and if you smell something burning, that's just my wordy mind starting to go into overdrive).  The second smaller one will be part of the "One Pic: Many Cappers".  That's where someone provides a picture to several artists and they all make a cap using that single image.  The wide variety from the last edition of the Haven Quarterly was really inspired and made me want to join up this time.

The longer cap idea I have is from something Petra mentioned while trying to get submissions.  She said "Do a clean one and a kinky one, or one each of G, PG, R, and X rated captions" that got the cogs spinning in the ole noodle and I wondered if I could come up with a basic story and write it out in "G" "PG" "R" "X" and "XXX" ratings.  It certainly won't be easy as I would like the photos to be of the same person... so I need someone who has photos that fit both XXX and G ratings.  I know a lot of porn models that could easily do PG through XXX, but really don't fit the bill for G.  I also know a lot of models that could do G through R, but don't do any X or XXX.  Sure, I could use different models, or just use a cleaner models and the story would let it be X or XXX... but I kind of like the challenge of using the same model.

Anyway... what I meant by 'posting but not here' is that any caps I make for the Haven Quarterly are exclusive to it.  So while I may push out 3 or more captions this week, they may all be for the E-Zine and therefore not be postable here.

Oh, and while I'm talking about caps for The Haven Quarterly, I should also mention that I consider all of the caps and ads I made for it to be exclusive.  The editors at the Quarterly ask for them to remain exclusive until other editions have been posted (or 6 months pass.. I can't remember how they worded it).  Some artists have showed the caps they made for the first edition as the exclusivity has run out.  But I want to keep mine solely for its use.  If you ever want to see Sorority Scavenger Hunt, Haven Pointy Bras, Focus, The Technology Interview, Gullible, or any other caps I make for it, you'll just have to order all of the editions like everyone else did.

I also wanted to mention that my cap "Where the hell is...." won the May 2012 Caption Contest over at the Haven.  I'm honestly shocked by that.  I did that cap on a lark.  There isn't much story to it and frankly there were a lot of good caps submitted.  But I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

The reaction to the cap here was... well... mediocre.  It got three comments (one from Kyra, one from me responding to her, and one more from Kyra responding to my response.  And those two were about the glowing effect.  It didn't even get that many page views (its sitting at 1842 as I write this... a month after I posted it!).  But that's about what I expected from it.

But the reaction at the Haven was quite different.  There it received 17 comments.  I don't recall a cap of mine getting that many people responding to it.  Understand these were all comments on the cap.. not a discussion or conversation.  Heck.. none of the comments were from me at all!  And the post received 886 views.  The cap itself got 184 views.

Now the Haven is a smaller community compared to most blogs (many more people viewing these blogs out in the wild), so 'post' or 'cap' views can't be compared reasonably.  When a cap post of mine at the Haven gets about 200 views I consider it very good.  If the cap itself is viewed 50 times I consider that success.  So getting over 850 views for the post and almost 200 views for the cap itself is very impressive.  In comparison I don't consider a cap successful unless it receives over 2000 page views here on the blog.

Anyway.... I still have cap debt including Danielle's request, Smitty (and that will have to be a hell of a 'return' to thank him for having Caitlyn Week on his blog!), and Jennifer.  So I will be getting back to regular capping.  But for this next week if I find myself in the 'mood' to cap I plan on sending that inspiration and energy back to the Haven!

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  1. What I might do is when the next Haven Quarterly issue comes out .. is release one of the pieces I've done for the earliest issue sort of as a "teaser" type thing, though I'm not totally sure if I should or not.

    I had a lot of fun doing the "one pic: many cappers" challenge in issue 2. So much so that I keep pestering them to let me do it again! Its a blast to see how others interpret the same image that you've used. I'm sure you'll have a blast as well!

    As for the caption that won the contest, I wonder if most people that would have commented here had already seen, and commented, on the caption at the Haven .. which lead to the comments here being more of a "How'd you DO that?!"

    Also, glad to hear that your foot/leg is doing better. I was severely concerned you were going to end up like James Stewart in Read Window!!