Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reversal Therapy

Where do we find these therapists!?

This was supposed to be just a quick fun post.  Along the same line as "Blackmail", but not the overtly dark overtones or overt sexual image.  When I saws the picture my mind immediately went to a body swap.  The 'guy' in the photo is showing the 'girl' how to properly apply her lip gloss, so he must have once been a woman right?

Now my first thought of writing it out was to play more with the idea of working inside of the mirror.  Maybe they are still in their original bodies, but see their reflection as their spouse.  But the story just didn't make enough sense.  It was funny at times (feeling his stubble but seeing only smooth skin in the mirror), but I didn't have a begining or end.  Sure, i could have expeanded the idea.. but it was falling apart by the time I thought of that.

So instead I went with a far more common theme.  Man and wife swapping bodies.  I'm normally not a fan of the old body swap... it would feel strange to do things in someone else's body.   But I needed to work a couple in, and having a 'friend' change our heroine and then show 'her' how to put on makeup just felt really odd.  So... husband and wife it is.

The story actually wrote out fairly easily.  The Design... well I bit off more than I should have for a 'quickie'.  My first thought was to do a standard design.  Expand the borders of the canvas, layout the text in a square or rectangle text box that overlays both the border and the image.  Put the title at the top and have it overlya the image just slightly.  That would have looked fine.  Maybe even 'good'.  But what did I do?  Oh I just had to slide the text in around the curvy surface of the mirror.  I didn't want to use a text box because making a curved text box is just a damned pain.  Especially when you try to line it up with an existing curve (like the frame to an oval mirror).

At any time I could have stopped, and gone back to the standard design.  But I kept plodding along.  A little push here, a little pull there.  Make the curve bow out a little more, then make it bow out lower in the curve.   And once I got the curve right for the text... I still had to make a box as I couldn't get the text to stand out enough.  Sure, it looked fine over the grey blocks, but it just faded away over the white grouting, and over the candles (at the bottom).

So I had to repeat the process... a little push there, a little pull here.  Make the curve bow in a little, then make it bow in higher up in the curve.  And it still doesn't match.  I COULD make it match exactly, but frankly I realized I was into minute 90 of a cap that I wanted to take no more than 45 minutes.  So it ended right where it was.

The last thing I did was to add the title in.  As it naturally fit in the mirror I figured it might be a little fun to really have it 'IN' the mirror.  I think this came from Ginger and her recent cap involving mirrors.

Anyway, I think this looks better than what I first had in mind, but not as good as the design should.  So... we'll call it a half success.  Hope you enjoy!

OH.. one last thing.  A word about the Labels.  I know it seems odd to have both 'Blow Job' along side 'Clean'.  But I really do think they both fit in this case.  I DO mention a BJ at the end, but it is only a thought. So technicaly if you are looking for a 'clean' cap, this would qualify.  If you are like me and think beyond the cap then you are imagining your 'bride' pushing you down and making you perform the blow job, so it can still be that squirmy fun.


  1. Nice work Caitlyn! Looks great!

  2. You know that I personally don't usually enjoy pretty much any men at ALL in my captions, but something made me click on this one... I'm glad I did :)

    It's DECEPTIVELY short and simple, but the more time you look at it, and think through the implications, the HOTTER it gets :)

    I like it, a LOT!