Thursday, June 14, 2012

Virtual Holiday

Holidays really can breath new life into your world!

So this was a fun story to write, but a real pain to layout.   I actually started the day trying to work on a different idea for smitty, but it didn't pan out.  I won't give any details as I still may try to make that idea work later.  After that idea didn't work, I moved down my debt list to see Jennifer.  Jennifer recently made a VR caption and I really liked the idea of getting trapped in some VR world.

So with the idea of putting her in a VR world I went searching for obvious slave pictures.  When I saw this one I feel in love.  The way the girl is so obediently licking at her Mistress' boots made me think that she had been in the VR world for awhile.  And I loved that while she has nothing on besides some rope, you can't see much of her body in this photo.  So I could go further and make this a fun sissy cap too.

I did look at several other photo sets, but after the third time of coming back to this one I decided to overlook the fact that Jennifer is blonde.   Now I know I've done some VR caps before.  Most recently  "It's Just A Game Right?", but as soon as I started to mess with the color I was reminded of "Virtual Heaven and Hell".   I really liked the idea of not just having the color/b&w design be a visual element, but rather having it be part of the story.  So I more or less put this into that same world even if it isn't a real sequel.

Much like "virtual Heaven and Hell" I had a problem that once I had the color pulled out, it looked far too saturated. But instead of just accepting it, I decided to mute the colors and get a little more natural look.   With the image ready I got down to writing.  One thing I've found really compelling lately is having people talk ABOUT the person being transformed wtihout the person really being voiced.  I think that comes from the idea of being a slave or sissy (sissy slave!?) and being talked about in front of people as if they weren't there.  To me that's a special kind of squirm.

So when I wrote, I decided to add some people chatting ABOUT Jeremy/Jennifer.  And in that same vein, I put out the bullet points of her programing letting each person decide exactly what stuff like "humiliation tolerance" means.  With the story written, I went to slide it in.

And boy... what a pain.  I had a lot of empty space in the photo so I wanted to have the text over it.  But I had already cropped the image down some and didn't have quite enough.  The text went in without too much trouble and I was playing around with the colors when I got interrupted.  It was frustrating, but it did make me save it at that point, and that lets me show you what I was thinking...

As  you can see, I was playing with the idea of having the computer text be green.  I felt it gave a little more 'techie' feel along with the font. When I cam back I left it just like this... but the next step was to put a title in. Sure, I don't NEED to put a title in it, but I've been doing it for so long that it would feel odd to NOT have a title.  I played around a bit with having the title be the same Green, and placing it above the Mistress' head.  I made a big VR and a smaller 'Holiday' that filled up that space... but it just looked wrong.  Not only was it crowded, it was hard to make it stand out over the alternating light and dark greys.  I played with having it just below Jennifer's knees, but it was either too small, or it covered up part of her knees.  In other words.. no dice.

Plus throughout these attempt at placing the title I kept moving from having it be Green, to having it be Tan.  But neither felt right.  I finally realized that while I liked the green, it was just pulling to much attention.  I alrady had the colored slave, and having another attention getter wasn't going to work.  Once I changed it to the same tan (and made the text a dark brown as opposed to pure black), it felt much better.

But I was still vexed on the title.  I ended up making a compromise... it 'fit' where I eventually put it, and having it be slightly less than fully opaque gave it that 'Virtual' feel... but I don't like it covering up the Mistress' boots.

I hope the cap still works.  I think the story is worth a flawed layout/design.


  1. I see what you mean with the green text, the brown worked out perfectly. I do have one question? How much does the VR chamber cost? I have been saving up!

  2. I just love the thought of Virtual reality! And it really did ad some squirm to it with my friends finding out! Maybe they will safe up and join me some time.. *giggle*

    Reminds me of total recalls idea of a business that implants fake memory's. But instead, gives you fake experiences. And you know how much I love being talked about, and not talked to! *shiver*

    Thank you so much! And I liked the end design! I think the title works where it is, it doesn't draw too much attention away, thanks to the blast of color on the model.

    And I don't mind being blonde one bit, If I had the chance to join up for A VR trip, or even just trying on different outfits and wigs, I would go through every hair color I can!

  3. Oh this is so much fun. While I do love the streamlined system this VR system provides, it can take the fun out of breaking them yourself! Still, I can't wait for my newest toy to arrive so I can break her in real time.

    Thanks for letting me cameo and as usual you created something above and beyond amazing.

  4. Now there's a vacation for you! I'm gonna start saving up right away.


    Amazing cap Caitlyn, let's get some profits done before spending it on Vr first ;D

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  6. Absolutely "WOW" .... The source image, the color manipulation, the STORY..... Just WOW...

    Awesome stuff!