Monday, June 18, 2012

She saw through my Lies

And he served her the best he could.

So I owed a cap to Ginger.   I have to admit there is always a special thrill when I cap someone new.  And if anything, its even more special when this person has been a friend as long as Ginger has been.  You see we met while playing on DX.  Our characters were fairly close as when she started she became my 'little sister'.  Her character progressed faster than mine and she is now playing as an executive at the Institute (with Jennifer as her secretary!).  

But more than playing together, Ginger and I have chatted and 'hung out' enough that I consider her a real friend.  So it was a special treat when she started to make captions of her own, and then finally make one for me.  While I know her pretty well, I don't know exactly what really pushes her buttons when it comes to caps.  So like anyone that I haven't capped before, I looked at her preferences. One part really stuck out to me:

"I am a sucker for a strong sensual Mistress breaking me down and making me hers, Humiliation, FEMDOM!"

Now I know and love humiliation although to be honest mine normally comes in the form of sexually serving a man.  But to be honest part of that sexy squirmy humiliating fantasy involves a woman.  She is generally training me or forcing me to act something out.  It doesn't take much for me to twist that around and make her into a Mistress.  

With that thought in mind I went in searching for an image.  I've always pictured Ginger as a blonde, so I focused on that.  I wanted to have an XXX cap, but I left it open as to whether it would be with a woman or a man.  When I saw this set, I was pretty impressed.  It was sexy but not overtly porntastic sexy.  Plus while I normally see reluctance in imaes like this I saw an almost accepting pleasure.  

So I sat back with several of the images in front of me and tried to work a Mistress into it.  Now something I've been reading a lot of lately is cuckolding.  Especially Sara Girl Sissy Confessions.  There is just such a sense of loving acceptance to not only letting your Mistress fuck another man after she's completely sissified you, but to get involved and make the experience better for your Mistress.  So what I saw was 'Ginger' helping her Mistress' date get ready... and ensuring that when he fucked her Mistress, that he wold last a long time.  

I really liked that idea... and even though this was clearly an XXX cap I thought it was kind of sweet.  So I started writing it out.  I let myself write long knowing that I had a lot of images to work with, but like normal I still wrote myself into a corner.  Yes I had a lot of images, but I wrote more than half of the story without making 'Ginger' into Ginger.  The way to get out of though hit me as fairly interesting.  I could add in a part of how he liked to Kiss Wendy and even talk about his facial hair... and then use the image of Ginger kissing Wendy's date.  It could be a little fun switcheroo letting someone think that they are seeing him kiss Wendy when in fact they are seeing Ginger kiss another man.  

To be honest this is pretty far from what I originally had in mind for Ginger.  I thought I was going to make something rowdy and steamy, not sexy and loving.  But I think it's still a fun cap and I hope that Ginger likes it.  


  1. Its quite interesting to see how you imagined and plotted it out to how it ended up. Love the behind the scenes creative aspect of these posts!

  2. How I've yearned for my girlfriend to see my inner desires and pull them to the surface. A wonderfully sweet and sexy cap! Though I really must read the captions before reading your commentary as it spoiled the little twist.

    1. Heh... you know, I almost put a warning up to read the cap first.

    2. Ah but then I would expect a twist! It is a devious little conundrum. I'll just play it safe and go cap first from now on.