Monday, June 18, 2012

Hazing Revenge

Ahhhh.... College.

So as you probably remember Smitty honored me by having a 'Caitlyn Week' on his blog.  I was really blown away by all the caps he made.  Not only did he capture the mood I try to hit with my own caps, but he got me to squirm so wonderfully in every single one.

Now I know that I can't return Smitty panel to panel.  I think he has more panels in a single project than I have ever made.  But that doesn't mean I don't want to pay him back in a similar manner.  So what I tried to do is work up an over the top, button pusher that would follow in Smitty's over the top button pushing style.

But for the past week, its just escaped me.  I can't seem to get Smitty's 'voice' down that often, and when I do it doesn't last long enough for me to write out an entire panel.   But just because I haven't got it down yet, doesn't mean I'm going to give up.  The idea I have is fun and surprisingly keeps my interest when I come back to it.   As a teaser, here is something that I was playing around with for a 'cover':

I won't go into any more details about it, but I just had to share a bit of what I had in mind.

So while I continue to work on that, I wanted to show Smitty that I really was thankful for 'Caitlyn Week', and hadn't forgotten him.  I set aside this project and sat back a moment trying to think of something smitty would really like.  One thing I know we share a love of, is over the top sex and humiliation.  So I searched out an image that would give me an idea along that path.  When I saw this image, knew I had my cap.

I wrote it in my normal fashion, but I tried to take every detail up an extra level.  Was the relationship between the frat and sorority houses unrealistic?  Were the frat 'brahs' brah enough?  Was the revenge strong enough?  Was the kicker at the end enough to take it even further over the top?

Only when I could answer yes to all these questions was I satisfied that I had it 'smitty' enough.

I think he'll get a kick out of it, and I hope that you all do as well.


  1. First off I am glad you enjoyed Caitlyn week so much. It was a ton of fun and it was the least I could do to pay homage to someone that has made so many caps I've enjoyed.

    And while you have me on the edge of my seat waiting for the sissy olympics, this is a great reward all on its own.

    I love the way you wove in my favorite themes, extremes of power and loss, suffering the same fate as a former victim and then some, and ending up a slave to your friends. And it still read like a Caitlyn cap in the careful pacing that reads so naturally and wonderful layouts. Thanks again.

  2. That is some acrobatic cocksucking Babs is pulling off. Are you sure its not a secret teaser for the sissy olympiad you've got me looking forward to with a single cover image?

    It would be madness to try and match Smitty panel for panel. If I wasn't sure he's slightly mad himself I would wonder how he does it. (No offense intended Smitty) ;)

    1. Mad?! MAD?! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME MAD?! WHY WHEN I FIND YOU, I'LL...oh, you meant it as a compliment, didn't you. ahem...carry on, then. Never mind me...