Saturday, June 23, 2012

Maybe Today

Will today be the day?

So I had the desire to cap, but nothing was really inspiring me.  I found plenty of good images and even had some good story ideas, but they just didn't work well together.  Then while searching through images a song came up on my playlist:

'Morning Has Broken' by Cat Stevens

At the same time that this song started to play I came upon this image set.  The image was beautiful and I saw a woman waking up and looking over to her lover, hoping that she's pleased him.  The song though is one of inspiration... of learning and love.

When I started to write it out, I wanted to make it more seemingly forced.  I wanted it to read that a man bet another that he could make anyone into a sexy submissive girlfriend.  He took the bet and then I would talk about the process.... forcibly making 'her' please him, tying her up, chipping away at the reamining masculinity in her personality.  Throughout 'she' would be saying that maybe today is the day.. hopefully making the reader think that maybe today is the day that she gets free.  But at the end she would finish the sentence 'Maybe today is the day I can finally please him and show him that I'm a pretty submissive girlfriend'.  Or something like that.... bascially twist it so that she WANTS to be his submissive.

But the writing was clunky... and the music (which I put on repeat) kept makign me want to soften it up.  Well... edit after edit after edit and I came up with this.  No real twist and a far more loving story.  I'm not sure that it's better than my original idea, but I do like it more as a finished project.  Maybe I'll get a little more forceful and nasty with the next cap.


  1. Wow, I think it's great Caitlyn. It is soft and sweet, I love the layout, and while its not dirty, it still makes me feel good inside. Good Job Sweetie!

  2. Well, I don't know about you, but I'm sure SIMONE will love it, as she is BIG into collaring scenarios.

    Of course, I find it even more ironic that a protestant hymn song made by a Muslin induced THIS story out of your brain. No wonder I'm so fond of you! LOL

  3. Looking so tempting, I can't see how she could resist.

    I'm sure I've said this before, but I absolutely love how you explain where your inspiration and ideas come from! I know that 'wanna cap, but can't cap' feeling all too well!

  4. There's so much I love about this! Not only do I enjoy the song that inspired it, but it's about being collard! And he even bet she COULDN'T Make him over into a pretty submissive slave! *shivers*

    So many scenes and settings to let my mind fill the blanks for those months of training and proving her wrong. Wonderful!

  5. The collar/leash is SUCH a strong/symbolic icon of total submission... It pushes many people's buttons, and I'm not ashamed to admit some of mine amongst them :)

    Lovely story, and adorable image. GREAT work!