Saturday, June 16, 2012

His Perfect Girl

Don't assume your friend is out to screw you...

So while trying to track down who the model was in "LtSL: Economy" for Alexandra, I had to go back to fuskator and track down the gallery.  I remembered it was from 21sextury, but it's often easier to find out at fuskator as part of their URL is often the models name.  While looking back I came across this image:

You all know how I feel about blow jobs, and this is one of my favorite poses for them.  Everything about this screamed at me to cap it.  His nonchalant way of holding her neck, her closed eyes and hand on his thigh, her curves, her outfit, his nudness.   It all just worked together so well.

So once I had Alexandra's question answered, I went back to this image and got to work.  The first bones of the idea was that our heroine was in a body suit.  She had messed with the controls on it before putting it on, and instead of it helping her have more feminine actions, it took over all of her motions and made her into a whore.  From there I just had to figure out why she was putting the suit on, and who the guy was.  Having to perform sexually on someone that I know and that knows me is always squirm worthy so he became a friend.

That was enough to get me rolling.  About a paragraph in I already realized that this would be to long for my standard format.  I picked this style for the design as it allows me the most space for writing.  It also let me crop down the image to its barebones.

The only problem I came into was that once I introduced her going down on Greg, I had a hard time actually placing this photo in the story.  Sure... it could fit just about anywhere, but I wanted to end the story WITH the photo.  I think that's why I went a little BJ crazy in the story mentioning it over and over.  But when I went to tidy it up and remove some of those BJs.... well... they each made me blush just a bit more.  So they had to stay!

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Stories like this are so hot. You totally know how they are going to end but much like the man trapped in the suit, you just have to go along for the ride. Delicious.

  2. Interesting to hear you started with the idea of the controls getting switched in te suit and then worked outwards from there. Greg is certainly quite gifted in his own right, or perhaps he's benefiting from another of his company's products? I only hope the doctor was able to increase te pleasure setting while he modified the suit. Being unable to feel the joy of being stuffed full of that thick cock isn't just humiliating, its pretty sad.