Monday, July 9, 2012

Accepting Love

If only he had spoken up earlier!

So my last few caps for greatgooglymoogly have been a little more hard core, and involved men.  The more I get to know googs though, the more I think that she really enjoys sapharic delights instead.  So even though I'm in a fairly smutty mood, I focused on making a cap that involved a current couple and dealt more with them getting used to 'his' new body.

Once I saw this image, I got the basic idea of him having some sort of accident at work, and then going through a slow change.  While he's changing he and his girlfriend slow separate.  He thinks is because she doesn't like this body, while she is really just giving him space to get used to his new body.  Finally she takes him out camping and spills the beans.  They both get embarrassed that it took them so long to come to this but start down the path of being intimate again.

Now I was kind of excited to write this out.  I thought it would be a nice sweet short loving story.  But a 'short story' tends to make a LONG cap.  And the idea I had would have been a dozen or so panels (at the spacing I had here).  At fist I was frustrated... I was about a page in before I really caught on to how long this was going to be.  But instead of letting that frustration color the rest of the story, I sat back, took some deep breaths and rethought it out.

Sure, all the little details I had thought of would be fun.  I had little vignetts of him taking a shower, and his girlfriend being nervous about coming into the bathroom to hand him a towel.  Him going out to buy some clothes and her refusing to go with him.  Him having a man hit on him and telling her, but she barely consoles him at all.   All would be played from his part, but I would make sure to write her part with the idea that she is hesitant to do anything other than let him experience his new body, and wait patiently for him to make the first move toward her.  That way when reading it again, readers would see that she wasn't being cruel or cold at all.

But while these vignettes were fun in my head, I had a choice.  Include them in a badly designed text heavy cap series that would probably need other images not related to this one... or cut them out and write the bones of the story.  Obviously I chose the latter.  I hoped to have enough of the details there so that you the reader could fill in some of those vignette's yourself.

The title came from the original story as throughout they would both be waiting for the other to accept Nick's new body.  When I shortened it down I almost opted for a different title... but to be honest once I settled on the offset layout, I realized that the space was PERFECT for that title.  So I couldn't bear to part with it.


  1. I think a vignette series would've been a fun thing to see .. especially if you wrote each one independent of each other, so that they were self contained but still had an overreaching arch. Maybe release one per week until it was complete, where each one he's a bit embarrassed by what is happening, and excited, but afraid to show it to his GF.

    It works perfectly fine the way it is, but you most likely would have included little details in each piece that would have hit the bulls eye direct.

  2. Either way you went it seems like a sweet story. I appreciate those as much as the hotter stuff

    1. Thanks Ambyr!

      While a hot cap can help release a specific tension, I'll always have a special place in my heart for these sweeter stories. More than likely because they are far more difficult for me to write and therefore far more satisfying when they come out well.