Friday, July 20, 2012


A ghost story

So next up on my cap debt parade is JaySeaver.  As I talked a bit about in the other cap I made for her "Virtuality to Reality", our preferences don't exactly mesh.  But I think I did a good job last time, so I went ahead and forged on.  I of course re-read her preferences looking for something to spark an idea and two  things jumped out at me:

"Made a copy of my new apartment's last tenant"  and "I somehow wind up in the body of my best friend's girlfriend/wife"

I immediately got the idea of him moving into his best friend's apartment soon after his best friend's girlfriend passes away.  The girlfriend's spirit moves into his body giving him her old body.  With this idea in my head I found this image and figured this was soon after the change, and just as his best friend was walking into the apartment.

I tried starting the story that way several times, but it just didn't flow out right.  It felt stilted and forced.  Sure, I could have continued it and even finished with a half decent cap (I still like the idea).  But I'd much rather take a little extra time and write something that flows out easily and reads more naturally.

So I started over but left out the best friend and girlfriend and just stuck with the ghost.  I figured I could still have a similar ending by having someone knocking on the door asking if 'she' had found a new body.  But the story didn't flow that way.  I think it's because of the song that I was listening to.  It's not new or anything, but it had me tapping my toes while I typed and I put it on repeat.

Stay (accoustic) by Lisa Loeb

Maybe its the way she sings this version of the song, or maybe it's just the lyrics... but it made me go into a more 'nice' direction.  Instead of being forced into a body and being shocked and bewildered when someone comes up that knew the body before, it became a story about Jay helping out a spirit.  About making a sacrifice for an unknown but hopefully better future.

And... well... I liked it. I don't often like nice stories like that but I did this one.  Hopefully Jay likes it as well.

It's not my normal cup of tea.  But don't worry... this isn't a change in me.  I still like the more over the top XXX rated, funny and in your face caps.

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  1. It may not be your normal cup of tea, but I found it a delightful cuppa. :-)