Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who’s Reality Is this?

Beware of mental health professionals

When I came across this image, I just knew that I needed to cap it.  The story was almost completely written in just a few seconds (in my head).  'Girl steals boyfriend's body leaving him in hers, but when he tells others about it, he/she ends up in a mental institution.'

I even had some of the little details, like them taking away 'his' clothes and leaving only skirts and blouses.  Being forced to wear makeup and panties.  Even arguing about who's reality was real.  I only had to edit it a bit to take out some of the text and reduce the saturation.  Here is the original image:

I really didn't want the full 'I am the lizard king' text to be there, and I wanted to focus it more on her.  The saturation reduction was just to give it a more 'sad' or 'realistic' feeling.  I also loved the 'Paris loves Jim' text in the mirror.  I know in the original concept is is more of a Paris the city loving Jim Morrison... but I figured it would be something that a person going out of their mind might write.

Sadly, when I had the story written, I was forced to cover up some of that text.  I'm hoping that with me using those names in the story, that it was still legible as 'Paris loves Jim'.  The hard part was really the title.  With all the text on the mirror, the frame, the wall, and the reflected walls, there wasn't an easy place to put a title.

I tried a couple different things and was just about settled on what you see here, but I still didn't know if it worked right.  Thankfully Simone was online and I bounced it off of her.  Now I don't have my original work files as I kept changing it without saving it, but here are a couple variations I shared with Simone:

The idea was to emphasize that it was the title and not have it look like something that was already written there.  But Simone and I agreed that the 'original' was probably the best.  The title just stood out all wrong when it didn't blend into the photo.

Overall I'm rather happy with the cap.  I think it hit the spot that I was going for, even if I did have to cover up text that I wanted to stay in.


  1. Awesome cap! It's great when you find one of those images that just 'clicks' instantly and makes you wanna write something hot.

  2. Wow, I love the range you can show from one cap to the next is amazing, this is a complete 180 from the firehouse, but just as good. I loved it.

  3. I really like what you did with this one (What? Rauk liking a mind game caption? There's a shocker). I probably would have pushed the insanity angle a little further, but this did a nice job of keeping focus on the main character and his belief that everything could still be fixed if only he could find his old body.

  4. That's a great picture and that's a great story and it somewhat Screams Alectra is there to me :P Probably because of all the texts in the wall confusing the person looking at the mirror. Nah just me. I hope one day I can bring such an effect in Photoshop (because I think It has to be possible, painful, but possible) :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra