Friday, July 27, 2012

All you need is Love

And Love is all you need!

Well it may have been late in coming this year, but my annual summer blah is here in full force.  I've lost a lot of interest in making caps as well as lost interest in reading caps.  This now marks the third year that this has happened.  In year one I didn't cap for a couple months.  Last year I capped, but wasn't really happy with what I made, and constantly complained about it.

This year, I vow to not complain as loudly or publicly about it.  Last year taught me that I CAN still make caps, and I'll do that.  But don't expect any instant classics to come out of this funk.  I can just hope that they'll be 'good enough'. With that said, lets talk about the cap.

I'm heading out for a weekend with a friend and since I haven't exactly been productive this week (only one cap!!) I wanted to make a quick fun one.  I owe Katilyn up next on my Haven cap debt list, but I just wasn't feeling that kind of cap ('that kind' being more non sexual and more fun/funny).  So I head over to fuskator to find a suitably sexy image and...


I actually knew it was down as I checked it out the other day, but that doesn't remove the frustration of seeing it NOT up.  At one point yesterday I got a page saying their physical server died, and it will be a few days before it comes back up.  Yesterday I went back to my old stomping grounds of Google Images to find something... but nothing caught my eye.  Or at least nothing caught my eye and told me a story.  This morning I didn't want to go through that frustration so I went into my 'caps in progress' folder to look at some lingering images.  These are images that I have a basic idea for, but haven't been able to write it out.  Really there is only about 5 images there, but maybe i could work from an existing idea to make something fun.

I picked this image as the others are fairly tame.  No, it's not my normal choice of a BJ, but it is fairly raunchy.  The idea I've had in my head since I saw this image was of a man and wife going back in time to relive their marriage.  The woman just wanted to relive her special day, but the man wanted to also find out what she had been doing in her prep room with her brides maid and his best man for a couple hours before the ceremony.  So instead of him traveling back to his own body, he sent himself back to the brides maid.

I know, I know.... I would have a lot to explain in that cap.  What technology allowed them to travel back in time and why he chose the bridesmaid instead of the best man both being key.  But hey I always figured those would be little details that I could add in.

But when I sat down to write, that idea just didn't flow.  It wasn't those previously mentioned details, it was the whole concept.  It felt too big to tackle and just clunky.

So I deleted what I had written (it was crap and I never considered saving it to show here), sat back and just stared at the image.  The original non cropped image was this:

What really struck me is how devoted the woman (sissy?) looked.  There wasn't the normal shock or humiliation that I feed off of.  Nothing that says she minded eating out the bride while getting taken from behind.  While I pondered that a song came up that set the rest of the tone:

Yes Love.  She was showing Love.  Love for the bride and even love for the man.  Now I've always assumed that the woman in the center was the transformed subject so instead of being the humiliation tale that I love telling, this would turn into something far more loving and sweet.  The whole story would be how all he ever needed was her love.

Or so I thought.

The story came out fairly easily once I started writing.  But it didn't follow the path I laid out.  Instead of being about his love, it turned out more to be him questioning her love for him.  And I must have tweaked this story on and off for an hour.  A lot of the tweaking was to get the lines to fit into their space.  Adding a detail here, deleting a detail there.  But what I added pushed the questioning nature of the story, and what I deleted were the more loving parts.  It now wasn't sweet enough to add the 'Sweet' label,  It also wasn't forceful enough to add the label 'Forced'.

Near the end I just let the story be a little darker than my intention.  The only way to fix it back to my original idea would be to re-write from the beginning and I just didn't feel that I had that in me.  I did decide to crop the photo down as it no longer was about the bride or groom any longer... just the sissy and his/her feelings.

Hopefully the cap threads the needle well enough so that everyone can get some enjoyment out of it.

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