Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Firehouse Hottie

Firefighters have all the fun!

So this is a return for Candy (one eyed pirate at the Haven).  She is one of the few cappers where I never wonder to myself 'hey... is this a little to porntastic?'  About the only thing that makes me pause when I go to cap for her is her love for hentai caps.  I like watching hentai as much as the next gal (well... maybe a bit more), but I just don't like to cap in it.  I never get the same type of inspiration from the photos.  Even considering that Candy has opened up a path for the 'reality' aspect of it.  In her 'Hentaiverse' people enjoy watching or playing Hentai videos or games, but get sucked into that world.

But it still doesn't do it for me.  And a Caitlyn that isn't inspired, is a Catilyn that produced bad caps.  Seeing as Candy always gives me a memorable cap, I refuse to do any less for her.

So when I search for images to use on Candy, I really just look for a sexy Blonde girl in an over the top sexual position.  This one just cried out to be capped because of the fireman's helmet.  I recall reading a story on fictionmania a LONG time ago called "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Sucking Cock" (catchy no?).  It involved a guy that can't get to his building after 9/11 and stays with his girlfriend.  She teaches him the joy of sucking cock (using a dildo), and lends him some clothes so that he can try to get to his apartment.  Of course he magically passes as an attractive woman that later uses his cocksucking skills to help offer comfort to the fireman.   Of course there's more to the story, but honestly.... not a lot.

I mention that story as it's one of the first longer stories on fictionmania that I read where the author didn't bother to much with reality, character or even story.  This was a fun read about the descent of a guy into becoming a wanton cock sucking whore.   The helmet reminded me of that story, and I wanted this cap to have the same type of feel.  I even tried to make the design feel that way... the overtly over saturated red's and yellows is something I'd normally not do, but it really fell in line with the story.

I think I captured that feeling.   Is this creative?  No.. not really.  Is it fun?  God, I think so!  Does it give you that fun squirmy feeling and bring a smile (and possibly a gasp) to your lips?  I hope so!


  1. i think i have a fire here for the firemen thank you

  2. While I never expect other cappers to do "hentai-verse" or even "hentai" themed caps for me, its always nice to hear that there still recognised in there own right. :3

    One of the few things I adore about your caps are the "layouts" & "imagery" which you always do so well, I really need to give "photoshop" a try sometime since "comic lifes" pretty limited but still fun to use.

    Cap as a whole is very sexy & squirm worthy, thanks again for cap. I'm sure I'll be busy with all those firehoses for quite a while.

    Great work as always sweetness. ~

  3. Wow, the only problem I have with the cap is that this doesn't seem like a curse, more like a blessing! Talk about the perks of a promotion! Great Cap!