Friday, July 27, 2012

[Question] Have you ever thought of making a fictional TG story?

Oh boy have i!
Caitlyn, I love your site, it's so cool. Have you ever thought of making a fictional TG story or series with your graphics, like Annabelle Raven does? I'd really love to see something like that here!

This question came in from Lamorak, so let me first say thank you Lamorak!  I'm glad that you like the site!

The shortest way I can answer this question is to say Yes.  But that doesn't' really tell the whole story.

Yes, I've often thought of making a full fledged TG story.  I've even considered doing it with graphics inside the story.  I've had plenty of caps that I believe could be made into a much longer story than caps are capable of portraying.  But the problem is the way I write.  Almost all of my caps are written in one sitting.  That sitting could be a half hour... it could be eight hours.  Only on rare occasions did I start writing one day, and pick it up the next day without starting completely over.

I don't know specifically what stops me from continuing along the same path after a nights sleep.  But when I pick a half finished cap or story back up it just doesn't feel right.  I don't reconnect with the emotions of the characters.  If I did continue without feeling it, the characters would go through radical changes in their emotional state.  And that doesn't make a good enjoyable story.

Recently, I've really been inspired by Saragirl's books. Especially 'The Photo Shoot' and 'The Sissy Pilot".  I even have a fun story that I think would make a good book length story.  I talk about it in the write up to "Oh, The Wicked Webs We Weave".  Like I mention there though, it wouldn't be my first attempt at story telling.  It's just to long and complicated.

While I won't say that I'll never write out a long form story, I will say that it won't be happening any time soon.  With as much editing as I do on my stories as is, I don't think that any long story I write would come out in parts or chapters... it would be published as one whole story.  And since I can easily see a story like that being well over a hundred pages, I picture writing it would take six months to a year.

But don't give up hope... maybe I'll have something to show in 2013!


  1. Jenna Winn 7/27/12
    Dear Diary, it has been almost a week since the "miracle", and it shows no signs of reversing itself. I don't know how or why it happened, but I'm just going to say it... I really love the new me. I don't think I could bear to go back to the way I was before. The problem isn't that I don't look like a jeffery anymore. It's just that this far as I can tell, doesn't exist in the real world. My job, my family, my friends, my...everything, belongs to Jeffery. How could they see that we are the same person? How can I convince them that this is real? How can I tell them that it not only is me...but I wanted it...I needed it..this "miracle". :)Jenna...Sorry, I loved the pic and couldn't resist writing a tiny story of my own. I hope you liked it, and I hope I didn't step on your toes. I don't have the time or the skills to create a finished piece like you...but you have inspired me to do a little more writing.

    1. Step on my toes? Jeann, that was a lovely story and if you want to share something like that I'll always be game to have it here! In fact it inspired me to make it into a cap! I hope you liked that and continue to write!

  2. Caitlyn, this is Lamorak Korving, your No.1 admirer.
    Could you perhaps explain to me why where it says labels, there's no series where a boy desires to become
    an attractive woman of his own free will? There seem to be far too many forced femininization stories, and not enough where he chooses to a girl. Why is this?

    1. Lamorak,

      The simple answer is that my personal fantasies tend more toward the 'forced' realm. So even when I'm making a cap for someone else, I tend to make it more 'forced'. I do have several caps that are 'willing' but never really thought enough to make a label for them.

      If I find some spare time, I may go through all the non forced caps and see if I can add 'willing' to them as a label, so that they're easier to find.

  3. I've dabbled a bit with some story writing recently Caityln and I was smiling along as I read this as it is exactly how I feel. Many people often ask me why I sometimes don't finish off stories and series and it's basically exactly how you describe... if I don't write all in one go and come back later, sometimes I just can't seem to get myself back into the heads of my characters.

    Having said that I've managed to create a few pieces of fiction I'm quite proud of, but it does require sustained effort in the ways caps don't. Anyway, whether you chose to write stories or not, I'm sure you'll keep producing hot sexy stuff for us all to enjoy!

  4. I've had problems in the past picking up a partially completed story or cap, and finishing it.

    For me, when I've got a good idea, especially a story that I feel will take a while to write out, I sit down and write down my specific impressions of what the story is ultimately about, where the characters are going and where they'll end up emotionally.

    Even for stories that aren't mainstream, like my more fetish material, I have found that just making a set of notes at the beginning of the process helps me to reconnect with the story when I pick it up later. It also helps me remember an interesting potential plot line, or even a good line that won't be used until late in the story.

    Hope that helps, :)

    - B-Rex,

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