Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sissy Olympiad

Sissies can compete too!

When I get trades, I try to return them in kind.  Not necessarily an equal match every time, but when someone goes above and beyond the normal cap, I try to do the same.  So when smitty honored me with an entire week of caps I knew I would have my work cut out for me.  Not only did smitty's 'Caitlyn Week' include five separate caps, they collectively included 20 panels.

Umm... wow.  I know I can't match up panel to panel with smitty.  It's just not my bag (nor really anyone else's bag!) to write that much.  But I could go over the top and make something special.  Smitty captured my voice in several of his caps so I started there.  I know I can't speak 'smitty' as well as him, but I can try to mimic his humerous style.

My initial idea would be fun and funny.  A Sissy Olympics.  I think the idea came both from the endless commercials for the 2012 London Games, as well as Mistress Simone's 'Glamour Games'.  But where Simone's games varied from sensual, to girly, to sadistic, to power shifts... I would focus on sex and humor.

I figured to capture Smitty's voice I would do that best with announcers instead of telling the story from the competitor's point of view.  But I couldn't find images that really worked.  The closest was the image set I used in the cover photo.  But the set doesn't do anything other than a bunch of sexy women squirting each other with water guns.  Fun... but not really enough.

It did help me focus in somewhat by doing a cover teaser.  Then I did a stupid thing... I published the teaser cover in another cap I made for Smitty ("Hazing Revenge").  I wanted to share the idea, but in doing so I also let people have anticipation of it.  And I hate anticipation.  I know some people feed off that feeling and let it push them to make something great, but the pressure can sometimes make me reach for something beyond what I'm capable of.

But I wasn't going to give up.   One day while searching for images I found the image used in the fourth panel.  It looked (at least to me) like something smitty would go for.  Blatent, in your face, no getting around it, anal sex.  But again, it was from an image set that didn't have enough variety.  I almost passed it by when the idea hit me... instead of finding pictures of many girls having competitive sex, why not focus on one competitor?  All I would need is several images of one girl then!  Each set could comprise an event she's competing in!

With that I was off to the races.  I didn't write down the model's name but I found it and searched out several other image sets from her.  There were a few that I tossed as they weren't different enough from these to be a different event.

With the images found I now started writing.  I got about half way through the first panel but realized it was missing something.  Sure it had the announcers I pictured, but it just wasn't 'grand' enough for what I wanted to give to smitty.

I can't recall exactly what was going through my head, but I started wondering what kind of world would it be where men are transformed into sissies just to compete in a degrading and humiliating set of events that emphasize their sissy nature?  Naturally it would be dark.  I thought of  Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.  I though of Stephen King's "Long Walk" and "Running Man" (the book, not the awful movie).  I though of Suzanne Collins's "Hunger Games".  I thought of George Orwell's "1984"

And then it hit me... why make up a dark world like that when I could base it on one of those?  I mean it's not like there aren't pre made universes already in TG caps and stories.  Why not have one based loosely on some real litterature.  And even better, I know that smitty likes reading and has a very good grasp on literature.

So instead of making up some dark 'Orwellian' future to set this Sissy Olympics in, I would set it in THE 'Orwellian' future.  The future of 1984.  It helps that I've re-read that book recently.  But one thing I tried to do is not be TOO obvious.  If you know the book well I'm sure you picked up on the pieces I left like "Oceania", "Miniluv", "Thought Crime" and "Ingsoc".  The one piece I didn't really push was "Big Brother" as I felt it would be too obvious.

And with that in mind I now had steam.  I wrote out the majority of the first two panels in one go and then edited them heavily over the next few days.  I edited them because I wanted to walk a very thin line between too 'Sissy' and too '1984'.  The last penal I wrote out this morning.

I already had a cover image that I liked, so I kept that but the design work wasn't exactly straight forward.  Sure I had a design... the pictures with a text box on the bottom... but all of the photos were from different photo sets.  So they all had their unique lighting and color tone.

My first impression was to take color completely out of it.  Make them black and white or maybe a single tone:

But both of these felt a little to heavy handed.  I then remembered something about adding a filter to an image in Photoshop.  Instead of coloring the image in and making it all a single tone, it would be like shooting the original photograph with colored light or a thin filter over the lens.  The color would still be there but it would all have a slight tint or hue of color to them:

As you can see all of the original colors are there (the blue rug, brown wood, the greenish and gold seat..) but it has all been slightly colored to a more purple/pink.  I got this effect by selecting the photo layer and adding an adjustment layer called "Photo Filter".  the only two options it gives me are the color (even standard photo filter colors) and the density of the filter.  Once I found a good match (a purple/pink color and 91% density) I copied that adjustment layer to all the other panels and just like that the images all looked  similar!

At that point it was simply a matter of copying the Sissy Olympic rings logo (which took the place of the title on each panel), my water mark, and coloring in the text box and some of the text.  I must have re-read this series a couple dozen times before posting it to the haven. I wasn't checking for spelling or grammatical errors though.. I was trying to see if I met the three influences... sissy sex, smitty voice, and orwellian future.

And I think I got them all.

I hope you like this set as story wise it's pretty far from my normal area.


  1. wow, that's amazing Caitlyn! Way to knock it out of the park! I think you deserve a gold medal for "Devious thought" I loved the commenting angle, it really worked, the play off of each other, and the distanct personalities!

  2. Great job taking my style and making it uniquely your own. The use of commentators was a brilliant idea as it lets you go into explicitly explicit detail while adding the squirm factor of being talked about without having a voice, and all for a crowd of millions! It especially adds to the quirky humorliation by praising her for her extensive sissy training.

    And great choice of model, her name's Hennesey for those curious, I've used her in a few caps myself.

  3. I think you absolutely nailed it, sweetie! The captions are great, the story is superb, and it really does cum across as a real sports report (if only).

  4. Wow, this is an awesome idea. Also, I'm not even joking when I say I would much rather we were hosting these olympics than the real thing, soooooo sexy.

    Fantastically chosen images and well written, all round hotness! Great stuff. Smitty is well lucky! Well not really, it was definitely deserved after Caityln week!

  5. I love this so awesome Love the Russian Chick you used for the pics good captions