Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Report - September 2012

Serving up 105,094/154,047 Page Views

Welcome to the September monthly report.  There is really no better way to make a Monday feel like a Monday than making a report!  Let's get to the numbers.

  • Total Page Views: 105,094/154,047
  • Total Visits: 31,006 (Averaging 4.97 views per visit)
  • 27,240 Visits were from referals
    • 5,909 from
    • 1,917  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,726  from
    • 1,121  from
    • 1,013 from Jennifer's TG Caps of Defiance
  • 2,453 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,313 found their way here via search

In the grand scheme of things, my page view decline has leveled off.  Yes, 105k views is still less than 109k views, but on the pageview graph it looks practically the same.  Both August and September are up about 20-30% from last year and I can directly correlate that to my collaborations.  So I have to send out a big thank you to Anne Oni Mouse, Angel, Jenna Winn, Jane Ehlers, Panty LisaAnn, and everyone else that commented on my collaborative posts.  Not only did you help me provide some caps for people to view, you also kept my creativity going.  Hopefully I'll keep this energy level and make October wonderful. 

This month's highest viewed caps were:

I'm happy to see "I'll Show You" getting so many pageviews.  Normally a cap that only features photographs of two women doesn't rank up that high.  Especially when the teaser image (the one that sits on the main page and links to the full post) has the women fully clothed.  The cap itself didn't scream sex at all.

I'd normally list the caps that I was particularly fond of, but to be honest the two caps that I was happiest with ("I'll Show You", and "All for you, my Love") are already favorites of yours (if the page views are to be believed).  I would like to take the time to say that I was very happy with the collaboration caps.  Both from August and September.  If it wasn't for those, I probably would have just gone dark for several weeks, and may not have started producing my own caps quite as soon.  

Now I'm not going to say that I'm fully out of my doldrums (or funk, or writers block, or whatever I've referred to it as before).  At my high points I'm in the mood to cap most days and it's just a matter of finding the right image and getting a sprinkle of inspiration.  I'm not there yet.  I'm still often NOT in the mood to cap so that chokes off a lot of opportunity.  When I AM in the mood, I still have the same issues... finding a good photo and getting that story idea.  

So while I can hope October will be better than September, I can't promise that I'll make as many caps.  I do still have quite a debt over at the Haven so that will always be pushing me to produce.  


  1. Somewhat out of your doldrums is MUCH better than being mired in a caption funk. Even better, this is usually around the time you snap out of it!

    I bet that once you get that caption debt out of the way, you'll be in a better mind frame too!

    1. Oh yes, I'll take somewhat out of my doldrums as opposed to complete and total funk. But it's still frustrating in it's inconstancy. For example I've felt the urge to cap Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, but nothing has come out of it. No pic inspired me in the least (and I saw some WONDERFUL pics!).

      Oddly, the debt isn't geting me down like it did last year. I still feel guilty about making people wait, but it think I've had enough people tell me that they were willing to wait so it's not getting to me that much.

  2. Good to see I send some good people your way. My readers know quality ;)