Friday, September 14, 2012

The Slow Seduction

 Would you stand by and watch your friend get seduced into a sissy?

This is another cap for Candy (Realfield) over at the Haven.  But the experience of making this cap was almost the exact opposite of "All for you, my Love".   Where that cap sprung to mind easily and flowed out of me like water from a pitcher, this one came to me slowly.  I had to work to get every bit of this story out, and even struggled on the design.

I honestly didn't expect to make a cap today.  I had already posted a question that lead to some inner turmoil and had also finished off my last collaborative cap ("Removing the Competition").  I was creatively satisfied for the day, but decided to take a stroll through fuskator to see if any inspiration was left.

When I saw the image used in the second panel though I immediately thought it would be perfect for Candy. She loves stories about Alpha Males taking weak men and turning them into either fully female or sissy/shemale lovers.  With just a little cropping to center in on the action, it would be perfect for her.  Here is the original:

I cropped it for a couple reasons.  I wanted to focus in on the girl's working over the Alpha and take a bit of the focus off of his face.  I think that anonymous half face looks works so much better.  I also wanted to have the text at the bottom of the frame, and by cropping it down, I made a more obvious empty space to work with.

Now the basic idea I have for most of Candy's caps is simple. Alpha Male seduces/forces a man into being his sissy/shemale/female lover.  The trick is changing it up enough so that this isn't just a rehash of all the caps made for Candy.  So I sat back to think on it a bit.  There IS another woman in the picture, but who is she?  Carl's girlfriend?  Maybe she forced him into Slade's hands?  Or better yet, maybe it's Carl's wife.  She fell in lust/love with Slade and this is the only way hat he'll let her remain with Carl/Candy.

I liked that idea and started to write it out... but it just didn't flow well.  It felt like I was forcing it out, rather than letting it flow out.  And no matter where I started the story, the beginning just felt wrong.  I stared with Carl's wife (Caitlyn) making him wear a pair of panties in bed.  I started again with Caitlyn taking Carl out for dinner only having him meet up with Slade.  I even started out with the action like I did in the final version of the cap... but while I could sympathize with both Slade and Carl, I just couldn't get the emotional connection with Caitlyn.

So I deleted everything I wrote, saved both the raw and the cropped images and planned on taking a look at it tomorrow.  As I normally do when I'm wrapping up capping, I started closing the windows.  When I came to Google Chrome, I double checked the blog to see if there were any new comments.  I saw Anne Oni Mouse's comments on "Removing the Competition".  It reminded me of the different tack that she took with that... having the story focus around the person doing the transformation instead of the person getting transformed.   And that brought to mind something Jennifer says all the time.  How she gets a real strong squirm factor out of hearing herself being talked about in the third person, as if she wasn't there.... just a toy.

It hit me pretty hard... I could make this different not by the technique used to transform Carl into Candy... I could make this different by telling the story from another persons perspective.  And the idea's just kept flowing... this person could be Carl's college room mate... he could even be the other 'girl' in the photo.  Carl could find her at the beginning of her transformation, and then get seduced into the sissy life by first taking advantage of his room mate.  Only later would Slade find out and start transforming Carl himself!

The idea was strong in my head and I kept going off on wonderful little tangents so I opened the cropped image back up, opened word and started writing.  Now the story really flowed out, but even while writing I knew it would need major editing.  First, it was just WAY to long for a single cap.  Second, the story tangents were all over the place.  I had entire paragraphs dealing with Carl teasing his room mate, dealing with Carl imagining what his room mate must be thinking, dealing with Carl imagining what Slade must be like to do this to a man.

But at the same time I was only a half hour removed from NOT capping... so I just kept writing.  If a paragraph started getting hard, I just ended it by writing "CUT LATER' and started with the next paragraph.

When I finally stopped writing, I had about four pages of 'good' material.   But it was barely a 'story' at all.  More like little scenes with nothing connecting them.  So now the hard part came.... editing.  I liked the first paragraph so I kept that, but instead of just going with what I wrote next, I looked over everything and picked out what would logically come next.  I then edited the two paragraphs to flow into one another.   Once I was finished with those paragraphs, I did the same thing for the next.  And the next.  And the next.

I didn't exactly time myself, and I did get up for several breaks, but I think I worked on that part for about 2.5 hours.  Not writing... just editing.  And I knew that I wasn't done with the editing because next I had to fit this into the cap.  Having it fit into a single panel was pure folly.  I didn't even try.  Instead I went and picked out another photo that would more or less work with the story.  Sadly most of the images in this set didn't work at all, so I was forced to pick another close up blow job photo.  Understand, I LOVE a good BJ photo, but I don't like using practically the same post twice, no matter how sexy it is.

But I could feel the creative energy waning, and didn't want to waste time.  I knew that if I used a standard single text box for each half of the story, I woudl come into trouble with the paragraphs ending well.  It's become more and more of a pet peeve of mine to have the last line of each paragraph end near the length of the line above it.  With a single long text box that would require a lot of editing.

I don't know where I first saw it, but I recall someone making a cap with two equal text boxes.  I never knew why until now... having the text box be half the length made lining them up so much easier.  The next problem was where to cut the story in half.  I had a lot more space available on the first panel, but there wasn't a good cutting off point.  I like to have each panel of a multi part cap end in either a cliff hanger point, or a logical pausing point.   I figured the best places to make the cut was either the paragraph that ends with "Slade's cock felt like it went all the way down into my belly, while Carl's barely touched my throat."  or the one that ends with "After Slade pulled out and covered my well used ass with his thick sticky seed he pet Carl's head like he had mine so often."

But neither of these worked with the design.  So again, instead of fighting and wasting the creative energy I had left, I just swallowed the bitter pill and cut it off where it fit.

Now, with all that being said, I am very happy with how it turned out.  I'm hoping that it's a nice squirmy button pusher for Candy and for all of us that like that Alpha Male world.  But when I finished, I realized I had done something unintentional.   Yes, this story is about Carl and his journey... but it could also be read as from the unnamed sissy's standpoint.  After all, you get to see her go through far more action.  I briefly considered doing a re-write where I owuld give that character the name of Carl/Candy and have the story be about how she isn't only transformed but humiliatingly helps transform her room mate.  If I had the energy, I may well have done that.  But that wouldn't be an easy rewrite.... I never mention her name so I can't just slip it in.  I have to shoehorn a couple places where both her male name and her female name is mentioned.  And if that pushed just one paragraph over it's current length, I would then have to cut out just as much text.

Nope... I didn't have the energy to do that.  I think it still works, and you know if Candy get's to read this and enjoy it from both perspectives, then it's doubly good in my book.


  1. When I see how much thought you put into a caption I feel rather lazy. I don't realy find I can get myself to put the sae polish and elegance in a caption that you do.

    1. Thank you? I'm not sure it's a good thing that I DO put that much time and thought into caps. I appreciate that people like them but maybe if I could hold back I could be making more captions that people enjoy.

  2. This is outstanding Caitlyn. Very well told from both a literary and a wank standpoint (guilty=me) and I now have a wicked idea for that blank picture ;)

    1. Thanks Annabelle! I believe that may be the first compliment I've received on the wank standpoint of a cap. It's something that I've often wondered about!

      Oh, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for that pic!

  3. So love reading about the process. Let's me enjoy the story all over again. Loved the new way you told the story. The pictures, the layout, it was all so so good. I've had a similar menage a trois themed one in the works for you. Now I have to finish that one for sure.

  4. Sorry it took me awhile to comment on this one, but I wanted to add my two cents. This is one no one would have known it took a lot of effort to write by reading, by which I mean it flows very easily. I loved the attention to explicit detail and keeping the story simple and going for maximum sensual impact.

  5. The image and the story are both super yummy.

  6. Damn.. Slade is the kind of manipulative alpha male that's after my own sissy heart! *giggle* Such a hot piece of sissy fiction Caitlyn! And thanks for the little cameo!