Friday, September 21, 2012

Where you went Wrong

Not everything wrong is wrong... right?

So after getting a cap made for the photo in "Don't" I wanted to make a 'real' cap.  Something with a little more design and.. you know... story.  I double checked the list of people I owe a cap too and saw that Evie was next up on my list.  Now most of the caps I owe are from Haven trades... but Evie's was a cap she made for me on her blog.  It was really nice of her as I was just starting to have problems capping.  You can see the cap here.

Now it seemed like the best time to make here a return cap as she is having some trouble making caps.  The things I remembered from her preferences is that she likes blondes, she likes having an elixer be her tranformative method, and she likes corrupting others.

When I've tried to cap her before, I don't think I did a great job of playing out the corrupting part.   I normally like my transformed subjects to be unwilling... almost humiliated by their transformation.  That humiliation comes from not having any power... but if I'm to write a willingness and even eagerness to corrupt, they need to find themselves MORE powerful.  So my goal for this cap was to have Evie be just that... powerful.

I found this image set fairly quickly, and I just fell in love with this particular image.  The blonde girl was obviously enjoying the brunette's ministrations and she seemed to be looking up at the camera in an almost mocking way.  Like she was saying 'yeah I'm a woman now... fuck off!'  And that's exactly the attitude I wanted to capture.

I initially though of having her transformed by a girlfriend but instead of submitting and becoming a cock hungry whore, she turned the tables and made her girlfriend into a lesbo slut.  I started writing that out and it was good fun... but it felt wrong.  Mainly that came from the narration... I couldn't get exactly who 'Evie' was looking at in the photo since she was talking to the girl between her thighs.  It clicked pretty quickly... she's talking to a friend.  And the girl lapping her up wasn't her girlfriend... it was her friend's girlfriend.

I've written out the basic story of two friends competing for girls before, but I generally write it from the guy that doesn't get the women.  His jealousy normally leads him into getting turned into a woman.  This time I figured it would make more sense to have Evie be the guy that got all the girls.  His friend gets upset by it and changes him to get him out of the way.  Oops.

Now I still think that a man doesn't just transform into a woman, and be completely comfortable with his new feminine body.  And going from that point, to seducing a straight woman into the saphoric delights would seem to take a long time... that's where the Elixer came from.  I could use it not only as the reason he got the girlfriend so quick, but also why he was getting all the ladies from 'Rick'.

I liked the story idea and started writing it out.  I wanted to make it fun, so I wrote Evie's narration out as if she were still a man.  I figure besides her being horny, the magic potion Rick used wouldn't change her personality.  He'd want Adam to still be a straight guy and be embarrassed when his arousal made him take a male lover.  So it was fun writing about how he cried... fingered himself and cried.  How he still calls his friend nimrod and dude.

I think it's a fun cap and hopefully when Evie sees it, she'll get a kick out of it too!


  1. So hot, Caitlyn! The tone is just perfect. I love how she lets him watch for a little bit, then kicks him out, and that whole "fingering myself and crying" paragraph is genius! Love it!

  2. Ooooh Caitlyn! I love it, and I have a strong suspicion Evie will too. Though I might have a different view on it as I quickly found myself in "my" position, lapping between Evie's thighs while she teased her former friend. Mmmm I'm gonna go read it again!

  3. Dear Caitlyn,

    I may have been verbose in my previous comment. For this one I say simply, sweet.

    Hugs & kisses,


  4. I thought both of the last two posts were really fun and actually quite funny. I caught myself smirking, snorting , and giggling through them. :)

  5. Thank you everybody! I'm glad that it went over well. I still don't feel I write 'funny' caps all that well and it's deeply satisfying to see that it was well received!

  6. This does feel right up Evie's alley. Well done.