Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas Present Proposal

A present for both the readers AND the creators!

So Dee proposed a good idea the other day.  Instead of more or less skipping out on Christmas gifts to our readers and other bloggers, why not give a gift that will help everybody.  A Link Exchange!  I take the idea as a good way to give some other blogs exposure, as well as letting the cap readers out there maybe find some more blogs to follow and read.

So I'm going to follow her idea and set up a blog post for sometime Christmas morning, probably around 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, where I will feature (hopefully) a bunch of TG caption sites that agree to do the same in exchange.  I'll take any people that agree to do so here (by commenting below), as well as those that respond on Dee's blog.


  1. You post below that you wish to be involved in the gift exchange, saying that you want to participate and reciprocate.
  2. I will go to your TG Captions Blog and pick a caption I like, posting a thumbnail copy in the post and a link to that caption below it. Depending on how much time I have and the number of people participating, I might give a sentence or two about why I like the caption or why they should head there to the individual blog.
  3. You do the same thing for me. You'll have a thumbnail and a link to a caption of mine in your post.
  4. This step isn't required, but I think it'd be great if you could post this on YOUR blog, looking for others to trade with. I think it'd be a nice gift for people who are just READERS of TG Captions to see how many blogs are out there, and give them exposure to some they might have missed.
  5. Make your post on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  6. I will not link to sites that ONLY snag other people's work. This is for the actual creators only. 

So if you have a blog that might enjoy some extra traffic, feel free to sign up below!!  See you on Christmas!


  1. Hi Caitlyn,

    You probably see that I have indicated that I want to participate. However, I'm still a little unclear as to joe we are envisioning this. For example, would I do a single post, listing all if the blogs who have agreed to the, let's call it a "Pollyanna," since that sounds very sissy to me, embedded with a link, with a brief explanation as to why I recommend reading the blogs? Is that what we're thinking?


    1. I believe Dee's intent is that since you signed up to her blog post, she would make a link back to your blog, and you would make a post, linking back to her blog. As you and I (and now Alectra as well) have signed up on her post, she would have links to all of us, but you would only be responsible for linking back to hers.

      If you want though, you can make a post like Dee's original or my blatant copy, and do the same thing. Then you would link to anyone signing up to your post.

      I'll admit, I'm taking it a step further, and will post links to anybody that signs up here, as well as on Dee's original post.

    2. As will I. Tonight I will do my own invite. I love this idea!

  2. I'd like to participate! With the holidays around the corner, I'll have the time (finally!)

  3. I'm already on board with the idea. ^_^

  4. OK, I have to close this off now. I'll have my post up Christmas Morning. Happy Holiday's everybody!

  5. Hello! I would also like to participate in the Link Exchange. I do think it is a great idea, and I assure you I may borrow images from other sites, but i do write my own words.

    1. Alexis,

      You are a little late to the party, but you have a wonderful collection of caps so I've added you to my Christmas post. Sorry I couldn't add you before it went up, but I was away from the computer for the Holiday.