Sunday, December 30, 2012

Marriage of Inconvenience

And you thought you'd change her?

So today is a little messed up.  I expected it to be like any other Sunday and headed into work at 4 AM.  But when I went to clock in I found out that I wasn't even scheduled to be there.  Talk about a downer... I was already wide awake and on my second up cup of coffee so going back to sleep wasn't an option.  When I got back home I did my normal morning web crawl of news and sports sites, then my normal Caitlyn web crawl of DX and TG blogs.  When I was done catching up I was both in a capping mood AND in a Caitlyn mood... so that means capping!  YAY!

But I didn't find any images that inspired me. There were plenty of sexy images, but none gave me a story to work off of.  So I had breakfast, watched some news (lemme tell you... Sunday morning news sucks!), and took a brief nap.  When I woke up I was STILL in the mood to cap and STILL in a Caitlyn mood.  So I came back to fuskator and found this image:

No real story came to mind, but I got the very strong feeling of 'forced sissy'.  I normally don't try to cap without more of an idea ahead of time, but I figured why wast this rare feeling.  I knew it wouldn't exactly be blazing a new trail, but I just followed along with that idea and fleshed it out some.  To have a reluctant sissy I figured I would need both a dominatrix style character and a compelling reason for our heroine to not just walk away.  I played with the idea of him getting a sham marriage to get into the United States, but figured I'd need something more compelling than deportation for him to go so far.  The easiest answer was obvious... flip the script.  SHE needs a marriage of convenience to get into the States.

That brought on a lot of fun little details.  Stuff like thinking he could change this lesbian into a straight woman, and she'd have to go along to keep up the appearance of a marriage and his friends egging him on to do it.  All I needed was a reason for her to turn the tables on him.   The rest of the story could be squirmy details of his transformation, so I went to writing.

My first pass was.... well it sucked.  I couldn't get enough detail in without blowing up the whole story, or leaving out most of the transformation.  So I started over, but this time eliminated his story by writing it in her perspective.  That really worked and I wrote most of the story in one pass.

I was happy enough with the story that I moved into design mode.  I knew I could fit the story over the image with a simple L text box, but I feel like I've been doing that too much so I went to my 'tilted' format and tried to fit the story into two separate boxes.  It worked... but I wasn't happy with how big the boxes had to be:

I figured I could live with a less than stellar design but as I was lining up the title and adding my watermark I just kept coming back to the problems.  Her face covered up... the blank lower left corner... the less than clear title...  So I started over.  Even though it's what I wanted to avoid, I realized it would work so much better with an L shaped text box.  I could cover up the blank corner and show her face with that.  Once I had the text box and text in place, I even found that i could enlarge the image some and make the title fit better over her arm.  As a quick laugh I also changed the title from 'Convenience' to 'Inconvenience'.

There are a few edits to the story, but just to make the text fit a bit better.  Nothing major.  Overall I'm happy with the cap.  At the same time, I'm a little disappointed that I ended up more or less with the very design that I wanted to avoid.


  1. This is a fantastic cap! I love it! Very kinky and very dirty.

  2. Maybe it's just my mood this morning but this seems really hot in spite of it being about 10F outside.

  3. Dear Caitlyn,

    Wow! Well, you know I'm going to like this one, because, well, sissy. Right? But beyond that, there are two things about the photo you chose, especially in light of the dialogue. It's the eyes. Either they are a mask, or the eyes reveal what is hidden behind the mask, in contrast to the narrative. The mistress talks as though her sissy is resistant. But the sissies eyes tell another story to me. She wants that cock down her throat. And the mistress is described as only doing it complete her feminization of her sissy so that they can divorce and the sissy can be passed on to a man to use. But her eyes tell a different story. The mistress loves having her cock sucked by her sissy. No. These two are going to have a long and wonderful marriage. That is what I think.