Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's just a Dream

They say dreams can change you

So I was rather surprised to find out that while I owed AnneOniMouse a cap, I had never made one for her before.  I guess with as active as she is commenting here, I just felt that I knew her rather well!  Needless to say I was surprised to find myself listed in her preferences (although it was just for directing her to fuskator, and getting her more into hardcore images (YAY!).

Anyway... something that struck me from Anne's preferences was her choice on hardcore images.  She lists:

  • Please no hardcore as I'm a nice girl (at least in public) 
    • But later edited that to include:  But getting naughtier
She also lists two names with two different body types.  Anne who is older and more mature has shorter darker brunette hair and a more full (but not fat) figure.  Karen is younger and sluttier (again... YAY!) with long blonde or red hair.  She also is more thin and fit.  Now while I don't mind sexy mature women, I don't often get inspired by them.  At least not for a cap.  So I immediately focused in on Karen as my subject.  

Anne didn't list any preferred transformation method, instead just saying that she wants to keep her memories.  So what I got was a fairly clean image, and maybe a more hardcore slutty story.   Now I just needed a story direction.   One of Anne's 'fantasies' caught my eye:

  • Forced - a neighbour notices that I am not exactly macho and finds out my girly secret. Suddenly he takes over my life and forces me into becoming his girlfriend/wife
This really caught me because I had an idea in the back of my head about a pair of neighbors getting caught up into each other's dreams.... of course the subject of the cap would become his neighbor's fantasy woman night in and night out.  The original idea would be more accidental and end up with him compelled to go over to his neighbor's house as the woman he had become to live out the dreams in real life.  But with a slight tweak... the neighbor actually forcing his dreams on our subject... it would work for Anne.  

Now I just needed an image.  Really my only constraint was a youngish blonde sexy woman.  Just about any image can be written as a dream, but I did keep an eye out for a 'dreamy' image.  And this image met that bill perfectly.  An incredibly sexy woman, wearing just a coat, panties and sunglasses in a darkened alley?  That screams dream.  So with the story idea and image in hand I went to writing.  

And I have to say here that I think my 'block' is over as I wrote this longish cap out in one fell swoop.  It just flowed out naturally.  Don't get me wrong... I'm still not feeling like 'Caitlyn', but I can at least draw upon her fantasies and use them in caps.  I don't enjoy the stories as much as I did just a few months ago, but I can still spin a tale.  

Naturally the story was far to long for a single cap.  Thankfully this time, the image set could be used further, so I easily pulled it into a two panel cap.  The only problem I have is that I wrote in an ending that doesn't match the image.  I didn't honestly intend for the story to end with 'Calvin' bedding 'Karen' in real life... I figured it would be better left as a dreamscape fantasy.  But I try not to balk when the story leads me somewhere... and while most of my caps have images that encoupos that final moment... I don't think Anne will mind it being different this time.  

Overall, I like the cap.  I'm not too happy with how the red came out, nor am I ecsatic with the title... but neither of them are bad enough to warrant me changing them.  The story... well I like the story.  It has that undertone of being forced .. but at the same time it's being forced into something that you enjoy.  And that's actually kind of happy!


Oh... and on a non-cap related item;  I've had a lot of fun recently adding more title images to the blog.  When I set up the changing headers I believe I had about 9 images.  I eventually cut out a few that didn't fit with the others, and stood pat with seven headers for the longest time.  But in the past few weeks, I've added another seven images, taking me up to 14 total headers!  I hope the variety is enjoyed!

The Originals:

And the newer ones:

Keep an eyes out, as I plan to continue adding images to the headers as I come across them!


  1. More like a dream come true. Mmmm. I'm feeling all woozy trying to envision me in your dream.

    Kiss kiss,


  2. Caitlyn, thank you so much. You always demonstrate such a great grasp of how to put story and images together t get maximum effect. I really love what you have done her.

    1. That should have been "done here", though it could be done to her I suppose.

  3. when i first read this cap, I felt that there was just something off. I love using a dream to transform someone and the slow changes over the next few days was wonderful. as was the scene of Karen eying his neighbor. But it all felt like it came together so fast and didn't have a big enough set up.

    That's when I realized I had read the second page first! ugh.. Reading the first page in the correct order took care of all of those problems and the cap turned out very well. Even considering it was a happier ending then I'm used

  4. Love your caps. Also, do you remember where you found the images of this blond.

    1. Thank you JennP! I found these images like I do most, at Fuskator.com. With a little research I believe this model is Tindra Mantel. The rest of the set can be found here: http://fuskator.com/full/b1B0BvISIyI/babe_implants_quqe_shaved_solo_taynyy.html