Saturday, December 8, 2012

Getting Clean (Cap and Short Story)

Both a cap and an image free story!

Back when I made "The Worst" I had a couple other images that I wanted to work on.  One ended up becoming "Obviously Straight", and this is the other one:

I never pretended that this would be a great story driven cap.  It was going to be a basic 'guy gets quickly transformed while trying to hide and ends up blowing the guy he's hiding from' style cap.  I held off of it though as I wanted the capping moment to be just right.  

Well this morning was that time.  I was in the mood to cap and I was in the mood to cap smutty.  No great ideas, no philosophy... just a good old fashioned porntastic Caitlyn cap.  I wasn't making it for anyone in particular as I want to focus a cap made for someone else a little more toward their personal preferences.  

So with the image opened up, I got word running and started writing.  Again, I honestly intended this to be a quick sexy cap, and not really story driven at all.  I figured I needed a simple reason for the subject to get into this transformative predicament, a set up of the guy he was running from, the transformation itself, and then this scene.  One of the reasons I wanted it this quick was the available place to put the story.  Here is briefly what I had in mind design wise:

I thought this layout had a nice balance and let the picture to the majority of the talking. The main issue is that there just isn't much room for the text in this layout.  If I want to keep the balance, the text box can't cover up much more of the girl, and it can't get much taller either.  I could add a second text box in the lower left corner, but that would unblance the cap as well.  

So while I was happy that the writing was coming out smoothly, I was also dismayed that I was writing up so much.  I was well into the second paragraph and had just got our subject to the bathhouse.  And the more I wrote, the more I envisioned to the story.  The transformation would take place in several stages (looking barely femme, fully cross dressing, and finally fully transforming), and there would be hypnotically induced mental transformations to match up with the physical ones.  

When I finished up he third paragraph and still hadn't done a bit of physical transformation (and had just barely indicated the hypnotic part), I knew that this layout was just a pipe dream.  I didn't want to stifle myself creatively as the writing was still going smooth, so I just mentally changed the layout a bit.  Here is roughly what I was thinking:

Yes, it covered up that wonderfully round ass... but I figured the reader could still see it through the text box.  I knew that I would have to edit the story down quite a bit, but I figured I could still make it fit into one panel.  And that part was key... I didn't have another image from this set that would really work.  There are plenty of images to choose from, but they all involve the girl having sex with a guy (and actually later two guys!)... so none would be appropriate for a first panel.  

As I finished another couple paragraphs though, I realized that I really liked the story.  And if I liked it, then maybe I could do some minor edits and make this for someone else.  I just had to be careful and look at the preferences of the people on my debt list. 

So I took a pause, and looked at those on my list.  First up was AnneOniMouse.  I think Anne could like the story... but her preferences state that while she's accepting naughtier caps, she's still not quite up the point of asking for hardcore images.  And while this doesn't really show the action (no lips on cock), it's still pretty hard core.  Next up was realfield.  Now realfield loves the hard core... but she also likes getting transformed by an alpha male.  And I get the feeling that she likes a more direct transformation process... not getting fooled into it like this cap was doing.  

Next up was lyonrunofyard (or Stevie as she prefers).  Stevie is fairly new, and gave me one of the first multi panel caps she made.  Not having a feeling for her yet, I read all of her preferences... and um... wow:

  • Caption Type:  Explicit is best.  But a good story is more important.
    • Well I was writing a long explicit story.... BINGO!
  • Change Gender: Male to Female, Male to TS, Or anything female-esque
    • This works as I had several 'in between' stops for the transformation
  • Memory Retention: any (none, partial, full)
    • This is important as I was more or less recreating 'Steve' and his mental state.  Sure he would have memories, but they would be different. 
  • Preference to the Method of Transformation: any, chemical, mechanical, surgical...
    • I was planning on surgery so this fit as well.  The 'any' there is just as important though as this more or less starts with cross dressing.
  • Preference to Situation: generally forced, bondage, revenge, hypnotized, Straight male...
    • The hypnotized is great as it would be a major part of the transformation
  • Ratings:   XXX-I, XXX, XX, X, R, in order of
    • Bingo!
  • Other things listed:  Revenge, User to used, tricked, bad luck, Involuntary, forced
    • These all fit into what I already had planned.  I just needed to fit the names of 'Stephen' and 'Stephanie' into the story.  

So now I was even more amped.  I didn't have to change much to the story, and I could make a good cap for a return.  But that inspiration may have been my undoing.  I figured I could write another four paragraphs (making it about 8 in total) and still edit it down to one page.  It might be a little tight, but I could squeeze it in and still have the text legigle.  

8 paragraphs?  I ended up with 16.  In MS Word this story was almost three pages.  I knew there was just no way I could fit this into a single panel cap, so I didn't even bother trying to edit it down.  

So I sat back and gave this some serious thought.  I had written the bath scenes into the whole story, so finding new images would be really hard.  And as I mentioned before I knew that I couldn't use more images from this set.  

What I finally decided upon was this.  I would make a new cap based on this story, but without taking any parts from it directly.  I would hit some major points (more or less follow my original quick idea), and then also present the story here on the blog.  I think the new story came out ok... although it's still a little long.  But by using the two text boxes and making them a little less opaque, I think the cap still works. 

And the story?  Well it's not a full fledged story.  It's still written in a cap style... in other words it still glosses over a lot of scenes that could be fleshed out a LOT more.  It barely qualifies as a short story as it's only 1500 or so words (compared to 800 or so for the cap)... but I really do like it.  

Here is the original story:

Getting Clean

A word to the wise.... when you agree to testify against the mob, don't renege on your deal with the FBI.  The FBI can help clean up your record in addition to offering protection.  The only real thing they asked of me was to stop betting on the ponies.  And I agreed as that made sense.  After all that's what got me into trouble with the mob.  But when the ponies call I just can't resist. 

Thankfully when I ran from the safe house, I had my own plan to clean up my record.  Simone.  She ran that little bath house in addition to creating some of the best forged documents around.  Sure, she was a little pissed at me ever since I cheated on her, but she wouldn't actively hurt me.  With a little more reluctance than I expected she eventually agreed to get me a clean identity.  I can't blame her for demanding payment and even thanked her for letting me work in the bathhouse as a means to pay off my debt. 

But after a week with no customers selecting me, I had to ask Simone for more help.  She handed over some music CDs for me to listen to, saying that they would help me not be as nervous helping her feminine clientele.   I'm surprised to say that they worked.  Before I was constantly horny around the women, and that naturally made them nervous around me.  But after a month of listening to the CDs every night I could politely and professionally escort the women into their baths and provide a calming and relaxing atmosphere for them. 

But even with my newfound enthusiasm, I still wasn't getting enough clientele to even come close to paying off my debt to Simone.  I almost refused Simone's offer to help her male clientele, but she was right... she has far more men come into her door than women.  The first few guys I helped was nice enough, but while I thought I did a good enough job they all complained to Simone.  Simone demanded that I either return to her lady clients or start to present myself better to her gentleman callers.

Simone's working girls were only too happy to help me out.  It started simply enough with just some makeup to soften my features and a new hairstyle.  But when the men weren't any happier, the girls kept going.  Removing all my body hair, more overt makeup, a gaff to hold my penis back, panties, a padded bra, and even a corset.  So long as I kept my robe on, the men seemed to assume I was just one of the girls.  It was enough that I stopped introducing myself as Stephen and started going by Stephanie. 

The men were so happy that I got promoted from a greeter to a bather.  The men simply relaxed back in their tub as I gave them a slow luxurious bath.  When I actually washed my first man... and specifically washed my first man's cock... I was so nervous that I was shaking.  Thankfully the guy paid and even left me a small tip, but Simone said that I couldn't be that way with all her men.  I didn't think her new set of CDs, no matter how relaxing, would help but after a week or so I was a changed man.  It didn't bother me any longer to present myself as a woman and give my guys a slow seductive bath.  And when that first guy smiled up to me and guided my dainty hand around his cock, I was only too happy to give him a hand job.  Just watching my red painted nails grip his manhood and stroke him to cumming was more exciting than embarrassing. 

Simone was over the moon happy for me and offered to help me make even more tips.  She said that with just a little cosmetic surgery I could be raking in a lot more money.  That if I agreed to give more than just a hand job I could not only pay off my debt but the surgery too in a matter of weeks. 

I was surprised to hear my own soft voice readily agree.  Mentally this made sense... make more money and get a move on faster.  But I couldn't help but wonder why this wasn't bothering me more.   Since I couldn't figure it out though I followed up with Simone's surgical appointments.  Now when I agreed to some minor cosmetic surgery I had expected a tit job.  Maybe something to make my ass bigger and maybe even a slight face lift... but Simone and her surgeon friend had far more in mind. 

In addition to the face lift, I got cheek and lip implants that didn't just make me feminine... they made my face beautiful.   I got the tit job, but they also removed a rib or two.  And with the fat removed in my tummy tuck added to my hips and ass implants I now had a curvy sexy hourglass figure.   I was now sexier than almost all of Simone's girls.  Hell... I was almost as sexy as Simone herself. 

Simone visited me throughout my recovery.  The drugs mostly kept me out of it, but every time my eyes opened I saw her sitting there with me.  She always had some nice music to listen to on my headset.  I don't know exactly how long I was in that recovery hospital... Simone says it was three months, but I can't imagine a surgical recovery taking that long.  Anyway, when the day finally came to remove my bandages I was so happy to see the new feminine me.  I was even excited to learn that they had given me a cute little pussy.  Sure, there was a little pang of regret when I didn't see Mr Happy looking back up at me... but that feeling didn't last long. 

My first client was very excited to see me.  While he only asked for a hand job, I just felt compelled to give him more.  As I leaned down and kissed the head of his cock I felt a thrill run through me like I've never felt before.  I don't know how I had avoided this for so long.  I mean if giving this stranger a long slow and sensual blow job made me feel this good, how I could I have not stumbled upon it earlier in my life. 

And as much enjoyment as I received in servicing Simone's men, they seemed to get more.  Within a week of my fist blow job I had earned enough for my new papers.  The next week I got fucked for the first time.  I could say that a gentleman caller paid a lot of money to have sex with me, but with how good it felt to slide my tight pussy over his long thick hard cock... well I'm thankful Simone was there to accept payment as I would have willingly paid for the experience myself.  

With me being a full service girl now, I pulled in money far faster than any other girl.  It's probably due to the fact that I didn't wait for the men to ask for any extra service.  None of the clients minded once my plump ruby lips or shaved pretty pussy slid down their manhood.  Soon enough I had a list of clients that paid heavily just to get an appointment with me.  Even with me working 14 hour days Simone still had to turn men away no matter how much money the offered.

When Simone approached me and said that I had earned enough money to not only pay off my surgeries, but enough to have all the changes made reversed I was initially happy.  It may not have been how I planned it, but I was now free to leave.  But then I thought about what that would entail.  Sure, in some part of my mind I missed having my male body... but did I really want that back?  Going back to my masculine life would mean that I no longer had to service men for money.  It would also mean that I would no longer get to have that mind blowing pleasure of this lithe curvy body. 

Thankfully Simone was there with the perfect answer.  She hadn't yet made up my new papers and said it would be easy enough to make them for Stephanie as opposed to Stephen.  I wouldn't have to stay in the bath house any longer, but that I could remain her top girl for as long as I wanted.  It didn't take me long to pull Simone into a hug and thank her for her generosity. 

I didn't quite understand what she meant when Simone said her revenge was now complete.  Instead I just thanked her again and gathered up my 1 o'clock appointment.  It now didn't matter how dirty I was in the bathhouse... my record was now clean. 

I really wish I had about three or four images that I could have used for this to be a cap series instead of a stand alone story.  But if you've ever tried to find an image to match a pre written story, you know how hard that is.  Just imagine trying to match up three or four images to THIS story.  

Anywho... I hope you (anyone still reading this far down?)  like both the cap AND the story!


  1. As usual the image is beautifully presented and the story you have created is well writen and balanced.

  2. I read the short version first (because I didn't want the longer version to spoil it for me)....and I'm glad I did.

    OMG !! The long version was very much worth the read, Caitlyn.....and I couldn't agree more with Anne Oni Mouse.

    I just wish the story didn't end there...I want(ed) more. Very erotic. I loved it !!! :-)

  3. Deviously excellent! And hot! Great one.



  4. I liked both of them and they different enough that they stand on their own. But if i had to pick one over the other, I think I actually prefer the final version vs the longer story. I'm not exactly sure why, I guess the single cap feels tighter?

    Both are great and I enjoyed them for different reasons though. One way I thought you could fix the image to the longer story, is to use the image as just a header. the text all flowing down below it. I had seen you do that for one of your older caps, (which is still one of my favorites) but I''m thinking it might still be too long to work for a single image alone.