Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's nice to find a new job... isn't it?

So as you may know I visit Saragirl's Sissy Confessions on a regular basis.  Sarah updates the blog often (121 posts so far this month!) and most of them are simply sexy images with a line or two of text involving either a sissy or cuckolding.  Or chastity.  Or all of the above!  I often consider taking her ideas and fleshing them out into a full cap, but honesty she does such a good job of giving just enough info to make the image really sing.  By adding more story around it, I'd probably just muck it up.

But when I saw this image... well it just screamed to be capped.  Her sexy look, her confident cocky stair, her tux... everything screamed out about a man changed into a woman and not giving a damn about his new body.  I guess in theme at least it's similar to "I Will Not Be Defined", but where that cap portrayed a nice man who simply refused to be defined by his new body, this one was a little darker... a little more sinister.

Well, after having this image in my 'To Cap' file for over a week, I decided to pull the trigger.  As you can probably tell by the names, I originally intended this to be for Smitty.  But just wasn't in the right frame of mind (I had intended on making this far sexier) to write for him.  Instead I just focused on the story and put several friends in.  For the most part it was just name dropping as Mark/Simone isn't quite how I would picture Mistress Simone, and the thought of Jennifer and I being girls changed into hulking men (and prancing around doing Simone's hair) just had me giggling away.

The design was a little problematic.  To get the story as I wrote it in, I had to have all that text box, but the picture didn't look god with all the text to one or the other sides (plus it then covered up the bottle behind her or the glass in her hand which were both important if not mentioned props).  Once I had the two text boxes finalixed, it was a just matter of centering up the image. I would normally push the image down and to the left so that I could have that extra space at the top right as opposed to the bottom left... but the image couldn't be covered up like that.  And while I had intended on the title 'Acquisitions' I still had a lot of empty space.  There wasn't another picture that I could drop in... so I just filled it with text.  Most of the text I got by looking up synonyms for both 'Pimp' and 'Whore'.

So... it doesn't fit Jennifer.  It doesn't fit Simone, and it doesn't fit Smitty.  But I still liked the story, and even enjoy the layout.  So I figured I would just post it up here as a blog exclusive and leave the return caps for after the holiday.

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  1. Caitlyn,

    I locked onto to this photo a while ago and loved it, just as, you and Sara must have. I agree that Sara, in a few words, as she does so well, stirred it up for me again. But I love the Cap you did for this, and the nice little twists you added with members of the Cap community. Well done.