Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magic Wand

This isn't Harry Potter's wand... it's Smitty's!!

So smitty has made me three different caps recently.  Two kinetic style caps back in September, and one singe panel cap a few days ago.  I knew I wanted to cap smitty back for at least one of them, and one of his recent 'Wizard School' caps gave me an idea.  You see one of the things I've really enjoyed about smitty's caps (beyond their over the top sexual nature) is his commitment to a 'universe'.  When I have something transforming someone whether it's magic or technology  I tend to fit it into this universe.  It's something rare and special.  A few times I've made it more common and nonchalant (like buying a body suit), but never as big and as bold as smitty has.

For example, imagine living in a world where one of the most illicet street drugs is the pink dragon XXtacy.  Or where there is a sissy school next to another sissy school, and an alpha boys school all next to each other.  Hell... just look at how much magic smitty has made with his 'smitty' universe.

So even before I had an image, I knew I wanted to go over the top.  I wanted to join in on one of Smitty's worlds... specifically his Wizard School (where young wizards are constantly changed into slutty little sissies. The only problem was the size... the two kinetic style caps smitty made me were huge.  I know I can't match smitty panel for panel or word for word.. but I just wouldn't feel right returning one of those gloriously long caps with a single panel.

Thankfully when I went looking for an image set, I came across this one.  It is a single image so I wouldn't have to even think about going beyond a single panel.  The position made me think of some of smitty's recent caps where the transformed person or sissy ends up not only enjoying their new life, but actually dominating others.  I thought that might fit perfectly into the Wizard School.

When I started writing I concentrated as much on the Wizard School langugae as I did on the transformation itself.  Without focusing on that, this would be a fairly dull story:

Wizard has a duel and gets transformed into a shemale.  To help his dueling partner remedy the situation she forces him to give her a blog job every day.


But... adding in all the fun little details like 'Lust Mage' (taken directly from one of Smitty's recent caps), 'chronomancy', 'third class transmogrificator', and 'carnality spells', made this a lot more fun to write, and hoepfully a lot more fun to read.

Now this isn't as hard core as the normal caps I make for smitty, so I'm curious how it will be taken by the grand silent masses that normally flock to the caps (and even non cap posts) I make for smitty.  Most of the time I mention smitty in a post, it become an instant hit and garners thousands of page views.

We'll see!


  1. Another example of how well you put together a caption to draw the reader. You don't merely put the elements together robotically, instead you have have an artists design skill that makes the most of each element to make the reader want to read what you have done.

  2. Aww shucks...I like you too. I really appreciate the praise to my "universal" appeal, because its one of the things I work hard on to set me apart.

    It's funny you mention that this isn't as hardcore as some of the caps you've made for me, because I think it's what makes the cap work. Nothing about the image gives away the twist. Smitty could have just have easily been on the losing end of that duel just looking at the picture, so when you finally get to the twist, you get to see it in a whole new light.

  3. Wow as the creator of the Wizard school game, and thus Smitty's inspiration for his continued universe, let me just say... smitty got owned on this one =P
    great pic, great caption and a mind blowing twist! i love it :) really i havent laughed this hard for a while :)