Monday, January 28, 2013

A Man just for Her

She must be special to get one of her own!

So I've been meaning to make Leeanne (of "Leeanne's Sissy Musings" fame) a cap for quite awhile now.  Her blog along with Sara Girl's have really gotten me into a far more 'sissy' mindset.  Not only that, but Leeanne will often stop by here and always has a kind encouraging word to say.  And recently she asked to be written into one of my "Living the Sissy Life" captions.

Now normally I'm more than happy to do any type of request, but I've always looked at the LtSL caps as more of something quick fun and specifically NOT personal.  It's something that I do for images that I don't have a really good idea for.  So instead of doing that, I decided to make Leeanne her own cap.  As she doesn't have a trading folder on Rachel's Haven (not yet anyway), I talked to her a bit back and forth about what she would like in a cap.  Like most preferences, I couldn't possibly fit ALL of it into a single cap (or even a double panel cap), but I can make something that I'm fairly sure she'll like.

When I went looking for images I actually saw this before I saw the images I used in the cap I made earlier today, "What do you see?" (btw.... YAY!! Two caps in a single day!).  I immediately recognized that this would be perfect for Leeanne and saved them back.  I figured I would get to them another day.  But even after making that cap series, I was still in the mood to cap.  So I brought these images back up and started writing.

On my first attempt I have to admit that I was aiming for the upper deck.  I tried to fit as many of Leeanne's prefernces in that I could.  But when I got done with what I knew would be roughly the first panel, I re-read it and saw that I was muddying up the story by adding to much in.  Specifically making her recall her wedding.  It's a powerful kink that Leeanne loves.. but I figured the story would work if I focused less on that and more on the immediate action.  In case you are curious, here is what I originally wrote (note that I stopped before moving on to the second panel):

Of course even then, she had to be in control.  She may have been dancing for me, but she would only touch me once my hands were cuffed behind my back.  When she gripped me under that robe and licked her lips I knew that she was teasing me and not trying to please me.  She had already told me that she only sucked on real men's cock's... not her sissy lover's pretty little clitty.  Back then having her touch and talk to me like that was embarrassing.  But now... now I fantasize about her touching me like that again.  It's just so much easier for her to tease me while I'm constantly in this chastity cage.   

Back then I wanted to be her man.  I wanted her to look past my shortcoming and see my love for her.  And in a way... she did.   I know that she loves me more than this stud who's looking lustily over my body.  But she never loved me as a man.  No.. I was constantly her precious little sissy.  By the time of our wedding day I knew that I wouldn't be consummating our marriage in the classic sense.  That was left up to the best man.  I consummated our vows by licking her pussy clean afterward.  

I guess celebrating our anniversary with a romantic dinner and an evening in bed was too much to ask for.   This isn't the first time she's had sex with another man... I've licked her clean after almost every one.  But this is the first time she's brought one home.   The first time I've had to entertain one.  The first time I've had to get one ready to fuck her.  

I took that as a blueprint, removed the wedding and anniversary references, and then continued the story onto the second panel.  And I have to admit, I think it's a lot tighter because of that edit.  Layout wise, this isn't all that special, and even design wise it's nothing new... although I did spend quite a bit of time getting those shades of purple to work together.

As I re-read it now, the one note that I"m not sure I conveyed quite enough is the willing nature.  Leeanne is a loving willing sissy to her wife.  But like any relationship I've always pictured it as growing and changing.  I even hinted at her starting out wanting to be a 'man' in the relationship.  So consider this as Leeanne's first man... but not her last.  Just as she got used to wearing panties, wearing a chastity cage, and sucking on her wife's strap-on, she'll eventually learn to love fluffing her wife's lovers!

I hope Leeanne and anyone that likes sissy caps enjoys this!


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  2. (deleted original post to fix typos ..)

    Firstly, wine-colored/magenta color scheme really helps set the tone... Excellent choice of images, of course :)

    But the "star" of this caption is the STORY, the insight into a willing Sissy's thought process. It's lovely how you can see that in her head, there is a line she just will not cross, like actually WATCHING her wife with another lover. What she doesn't realize, of course, is that line keeps moving.

    Her total love and devotion to her wife shows that there really is no line, there's nothing she can't be convinced to do, if she just knows that it'll make her wife happy :)

  3. Dear Caitlyn,

    I don't even know where to begin, although you clearly did. Let's put aside the artistic effort for a moment, which in my opinion is superior, with or without my name inserted. Let's also ignore the unquestioned excellent and tightly crafted tale, again regardless of who it is about. You know me Caitlyn! How do you know me so well? It is almost scary! No. It is scary.

    Now, having said that, this is incredible! I just don't know what else to say. Other than I love it and I love you. Thank you so much!

    Sweet sissy kisses,


    1. I think that is just lovely Leeanne..... really hot

    2. I'm really glad you liked it Leeanne!

      Hopefully this will serve as an incentive to get your trading folder up at Rachel's Haven. You could be getting a lot more caps!

    3. I am anxious to begin. However, I must complete my Fictionmania story, "My Fall To Grace" first. Then I am going to take a stab at it. You (and Dee) inspire me



  4. Whew this was a fresh of breath air after "The Note" which isn't to say it isn't dark, but the darkness is subjective and allows the audience to decide how much is willing and how much is coerced. Either way, its well paced, immaculately laid out, and sexy as all get out.