Monday, January 28, 2013

What do you see?

Is seeing believing?

Maybe it's just a fluke... maybe it was just a matter of time.. maybe I'll slip right back in... but I have to say that I believe I'm coming out of my 'funk'.  I still don't feel nearly as 'Caitlyn' as I did last year, but it's no longer holding me back from capping.  

You see, the last few caps I've made I wasn't feeling particularly like 'Caitlyn'.  But I was able to more or less summon her up and use her energy to create some good fun caps.  This morning I wasn't feeling much like Caitlyn at all, but I did feel like capping.  And calling her up was like snapping my fingers.  I needed to be Caitlyn, and just like that *SNAP* I was.  I am. 

So I knew that I owed AnneOniMouse (Anne) but as I've only made one cap for her, I needed to brush up on her preferences.  Where last time I caught on her fantasy of being changed by her neighbor and made "It's just a Dream", this time I got caught on her fantasy of "Romantic - a girl I know and fancy begins to notice my more feminine tendencies and brings them out making me her lesbian girlfriend".  So I started looking for a more romantic image of two women.  

When I came across this image set (located here), I thought that just about all the images would work.  As I looked at them and tried to get a story out, I started to focus on their expressions.  And while there were certainly some romantic glances, I didn't quite get the full on 'romance' vibe.  I got more of a 'reluctant but loving' feeling.  And instead of getting a full blown story, I got more snippets... snippets of 'Karen' struggling within herself.  

I tried to use these snippets to form a story, but finally decided to focus on them and them alone.  I could tell these little parts as a Kinetic Text.  That would even allow me to use many of the images instead of just one or two.  

Now, with my Kinetic Text caps I've been trying to work toward more story telling.  And for the most part I think that's lead to better caps each time.  This time though, I didn't do that.  I didn't want there to be a story that you the reader would follow along with.  I wanted this to have a far more ethereal feel to it.  The story would be of Karen's emotions instead of her actions.  So even though it was risking making a less than stellar cap, I went with that.  No story... no ending that I was going to work toward beyond her full apreciation of how much she loved the girl that did this to her.  

Just like in my first attempt "Evie's Fantasy", I pulled up an image and started to write.  When I felt that I've conveyed enough, I saved it, pulled up the next image and tried to continue the ride where I left off the last panel.  On and on.  

For the most part I think it worked out.  It let me focus on laying out the text and focusing on the feeling from each panel.... but I did stumble a bit at the end.  After I finished up the eighth panel and was looking for an image to use for panel nine, I noticed that I was just about out of images.  I looked at the images I had previously skipped and didn't see any that would fit... and that left me with a single image to use.  The problem is that I wanted a little more transition between Karen learning to please Vicky's men, and her fully accepting and loving Vicky.  I figured I would need three panels between that point and the ending panel... but at best I could split the image and have one more 'story' panel before the finale.  

So... the emotional story does break down a bit there.  Reading it over a few times I don't think it's horrible or even all that bad... but it's not as good as it could have been.  It's just one of the perils of writing this style of cap.  

I think it's good and really hope that Anne likes it.  Next up is a sissy cap for LeeAnne... and I already have the images picked out for it!  If things flow well I may even have that later today!


  1. Who wouldn't appreciate the lovely work of Vicky (unless they for some reason wanted to stay a ma - wierdos?) I always like it when someone spots my feminine potential an does something about it.

  2. Vicky certainly is a wonderful woman to see Karen's potential! It took me a second to figure out the rhythm of the text but it didn't make the caption any less enjoyable ^_^

  3. I love the cap! I a curious as to how she changed Karen, but it all seems unnecessary and unimportant to the end results.

    While reading it, I loved how we got to know her and what made her tick. What made her love being turned out like that and made over into her little pet. I also thought my favorite scene in the whole cap would be the dildo sucking/training, But it wasn't.

    It was that one moment where she continually purrs, "I love her! I lover her! I love her!" I could almost FEEL her pleasure and happiness as she bounced around. It was almost like you captioned a animated gif of video clip, it was that vivid in my head!


  4. Always a fan of your work with the Kinetic Text... And what an awesomely well-suited choice of source pics!

    Lovely.... Just LOVELY :)

    Thank you!

  5. This was really well done. The kinetic text certainly makes it more dynamic and compelling.

  6. Very dramatic set of caps. Really well done. The kinetic text was very effective at setting the dynamic atmosphere and pacing. Overall, the design was terrific. Great work!


  7. I almost missed this one because of the blog roll and I'm glad I didn't, I LOVE your kinetic text caps, of course seeing as how many I've made you, you probably figured that...and I think this story was an excellent choice to use it on. It really sets the mood and matches the voice of the cap, so much so that the little details like the "how" become superfluous. Great job.