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Monthly Report - December 2012

Serving up 108,956/151,016 Page Views
So I didn't have a Monthly Report for November.  I instead focused on my Second Anniversary post.  Since that more or less covered the 'annual' counts, I'll return to doing a normal Monthly report for December.

December has been rather strange for me.  I'm still struggling with the whole 'Caitlyn' persona but where I was either comfortable (over the spring/early summer) or uncomfortable (late summer/autumn) with being Caitlyn, I now flip that from moment to moment.  I've found moments of great joy where I was happy to be Caitlyn, but those moments were quickly followed with the frustration of feeling guilty about being Caitlyn.

It's lead to more than one half finished cap being trashed.  I started out in the mood, but fell out of it before I had the cap finished.  Some caps I did push through those feelings and finish, and others I forced myself to make without feeling like 'Caitlyn' at all.

The oddest thing is that where I would normally feel the most like Caitlyn while reading a particularly hot squirmy story or cap, that very same thing now pushes me out of Caitlyn's mindset.  For example, normally reading a cap from smitty pushes me right into the arms of Caitlyn.  But lately I can't even get halfway through one of his caps, let alone his longer stories and/or interactive caps.

I'll still call this progress, and it seems that it's kept you all coming back.  According to blogger I'm back up to over 100k page views.  I actually got more page views in December with 12 posts than I did in September with 19 posts.  Anyway... here's the numbers:

  • Total Page Views: 108,956/151,016
  • Total Visits: 31,699 (Averaging 4.76 views per visit)
  • 27,483 Visits were from referals
    • 5,272 from
    • 2,155  from Smitty's TG Caps
    • 1,494  from
    • 855  from Rauk22 Captions
    • 756 from sp2000 TG Captions
  • 2,803 Visits were direct traffic
  • 1,413 found their way here via search
The search terms have changed a little bit.  In previous months variations on my name were the most common search term (caitlyn masked, caitlyns masks, caitlyn's masks...), but this month the most common search term used to get here was actually "tg captions".  I know some bloggers push to be found using that term, but I've never focused in on that.  It's not in the title of my blog, nor is it in any meta data.  So it makes me particularly happy that its organically risen to the top.  Another fun search term used to get here this month was 'Sissy Caps'.  Looks like people are enjoying my newer focus.  Of course 'fuskator' and 'cum diet' are still high up on the list as well. 

This month's highest viewed caps were:

I'm happy to see that 'Getting Clean' got so many page views.  Yes, the pic was of a woman obviously giving a blow job, but it was far more 'clean' of an image than some others that I used.  I have to assume that the extra page views came because of the short story I included with it.  I'll talk more about that in another post later today.  I AM surprised that the cap I made for smitty (Magic Wand) didn't get as many page views.  Normally just mentioning his name guarantee's a lot of views.  I guess because it was a fairly tame cap that it worked out that way.  

Now obviously I didn't make as many caps this month.  I'm particularly proud of a couple caps that didn't get as many page views:

  • Acquisitions - 1,334
    • It's not a big step outside of my normal layouts, but I was happy with this less than balanced variation.  The image really grabbed me when I first say it and held me in thrall until I committed it to cap form. 

  • Obvious Choice - 1,253
    • This one was really fun to design.  Taking a sharp fully colored photo of a girl eating a small tomato and changing it into an ethereal dream like spot colored photo of a girl contemplating taking a pill was really rather satisfying.  I didn't love the story but the comments so far have been positive toward it.
Something surprising also came up with pageviews.  A cap I posted way back in February of 2010 got a huge surge of views.  tHarmony was a cap I made Envy Girl over at the Haven that ironically matches my current layout/design style.  Now it didn't recieve a LOT of page views... but 500 views in a single month for an almost three year old cap is nothing to sneeze at.  I have Annabelle to thank for this lovely surge as she posted a link to it as part of our Christmas Link Exchange.  Thank you Annabelle!

I didn't really have any good 'conversation' posts beyond the Christmas posts.  I will say that I'm actually getting a lot of 'Questions' submitted, but they are all from an annoying 'fan' who I am ignoring.  You know who you are.  If you've submitted a question and I haven't responded, then I apologize... but the questions just came across as one from this annoying person.  

So... not a bad month.  I hope to continue making caps for everyon's enjoyment.  Over at the Haven, I have four caps that I owe (two of which are to smitty!) so I'll be trying to make these in January.  As always, thanks for viewing this and visiting the blog!

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