Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Heist

Always know what you are supposed to be stealing!

This is a cap I made for JaySeaver over at the Haven.  As you may remember I find Jay's preferences to be a little more challenging as she doesn't want overt sex or humiliation involved.  But thankfully she lists several plots that she enjoys.  I was looking at some images the other day, and when I saw this set, I was reminded of Jay's plot of "Changed as part of a caper/crime that goes awry".  With all the random empty frames around this model, I got a quick idea.  The caper was set up to the character as a standard art heist, but when he looks into the empty frames she gets transformed into the true goal of the heist.

It's not nearly as complex as some of my previous work for Jay, but I'm hoping that she gets a kick out of the deception.

I don't know why, but I'm not feeling as 'wordy' as I normally am.  There isn't to much 'special' about this cap  in story, design or layout... but I do think it all works together.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Caitlyn,

    While I agree that individually, the parts of this caption are nothing special (except perhaps the story itself), but they work VERY well together, and provide a very compelling image.

    I wish all of my work could be this visually appealing.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. A well choreographed heist to obtain such a lovely piece of art ^_^.

    While it may not be the same level as some of the revolutionary works you have created it's still a wonderful story matching a beautiful image and brought together in a marvelous caption! I'd expect no less from you; )

  3. Not every caption can be the greatest work of art, but your story shows great imagination and uses the image really well . . . and I'm not decrying this caption which is still top class.

  4. I think this is fantastic! Do I not understand the concept of captions well enough to think this isn't great? Because I think it is great.



  5. Arrrrghhh...I worked with framing artwork for many years and never found any frames as cool as those. :(