Sunday, June 12, 2011

DOMINATED! by Technology!!!

Wait... Technology?  Does that mean he's back!?

This is the third part of an ongoing series. 
Please read This and This first.

O.k... so several roads converged in the creation of this cap.  First and foremost this is a return cap for Alectra (formerly passonte, and now of Alectra's Playground fame).  If you read the previous caps and the posts associated with them, you see that I had some trouble at first in keeping with Alectra's preferences.  I got a little better in the second part, and this time I took all that Alectra has said both on the Haven and here about the previous caps and took a little more liberty.  For instance according to Alectra's prefs, Raffside is  "arisen because Alectra has been subdued during her intercourses with her mistresses".   I made Raffside a combination escape valve for Alectra and a creation of her captor.  But I think Alectra will like that twist.

Now that's one road. The other is my strong desire to use The Technologist in something other than in mad/insane competition with Smitty.  And in case you haven't kept up, Smitty has wrapped up the 'Smitty vs The Technologist' story in a post aptly titled "Smitty vs The Technologist...The Climax!".  Ever since first writing The Technologist he has constantly been using technology in an attempt to get Smitty.  But all the sissifying he did was almost a side effect.  You never saw him use technology to actually ensnare a sissy.  So as I was re-reading the first two parts of this DOMINATED story, I realize that the guy behind the intercom was never named.  And while he wasn't in the second part, he was mentioned by Alectra as her next target.  Well I have an unnamed character using technology to change a man into a sissy.  Sound familiar?  I thought this matched up quite well.  Now if someone hasn't read any of the Smitty Vs The Technologist, you won't miss anything.  You just have an unnamed man using technology and talking like a nerd converting men into sissies.  About the only thing that doesn't quite mach up is his mention of magic.  That was put in just to set this story after the smitty storyline.

smitty and I have talked about the future use of The Technologist, and I think this is how I would like it. The cap should be more as much, if not MORE about the subject... the person getting transformed... than it is about The Technologist. It should almost be an inside joke that the person doing the transformation is The Technologist.  I don't think I can create a character as big, and interesting as Smitty is.  Now smitty uses Smitty wonderfully...  But I always read the caps as a cap about the character Smitty, and the person getting transformed was almost the guest star.  That works great... I was honored when 'Calvin/Caitlyn' made an appearance.  But I don't think I write as well as that.  At least not in that style.  I mean Smitty has been through a lot of adventures, and has changed in both subtle and gross ways.  I think I'm happier leaving The Technologist as a quirky character that I can use over time, but that doesn't really develop or change over time.

At least not until he buts heads with Smitty again!

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  1. I think you nailed it in my preferences Caitlyn, you worry so much but you are incredibly talented, in fact the wait make it worthwile...
    You just bring the pleasure for the longs waitings to a new level, that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing, you hook your audience and make them crave for every piece of art you do... and thank you for including me in the Technologist, seems i can't escape Smitty universes for long eh, eh ,eh...
    I got amazed at the three voices fighting in there, but clearly Raffside was dominating this time, or is it the Thecnologist?, uhmmm no wait maybe is the plan of Alectra?... Does Pablo have anything to say in this? eh, eh, eh
    Thank you Again Caitlyn
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra...
    Are you just done with all the super high praising Alectra? tee hee...
    A big hot flashy and creamy and melting, tasty, sweet hot, did i say hot, i like hot tee hee Kiss to your lips ^^ Raffside