Monday, June 20, 2011

The Price of Silence

Price for keeping secret desire to be a girl?  Be a girl!

So does two caps in a less than a week mean my 'writers block' is broken?  I'm not so sure, but I am very happy that I could make two caps so soon after one another.  Plus I needed a break from all of those questions (Yea, I'm looking at you Alectra!  I'll get to your next question tomorrow mmkay?).

Anyway, I was in a fairly cappy mood this morning, and checked to see who was up next on my never ending list of cap debt (actually its down to nine, including the 80s cartoon cap challenge). I saw Realfield was next, and that made me even happier, as I've never capped her before.  I looked over her preferences, and at first nothign special flashed out to me.  Then I read this line:

If you've read my stuff you know I like a good hard alpha male crushing another man's will into a fine powder until all that's left is a devoted and submissive bimbo serving at his feet....perhaps that's too much detail ;-)

Oh my... color me interested and inspired.  It helps that in my roleplay at DX I am currently humiliating and dominating a girl.  So both the domination and humiliation parts of my brain are firing on all cylinders right now.  I saw the standard 'secretary, porn star, pin-up girl, married....' selection so I went after the secretary.  Looking through google images I found the following images:

I loved how at first glance she looked so overpowered and weak in the first image, and so strong and confident in the second image.  I think either would work as I could have the first image about how she is being crushed, or the second image after she has become the devoted bimbo.

As a quick asside... its funny because part of what got me hooked on these images, was the more classic style of the photography.  The smooth beautiful light (especially in the second photo) would be more akin to a glamour or fashion photograph.  And I was just talking to Jennifer about Samantha de Savory's caps (check them out at her blog Samantha deSavory's TG Captions) and the wonderful classic images she finds.  Now I don't think the photographs really hold a candle to the wonderful images she finds,, but they are most definitely in that direction.

Anywho... I started thinking through and came up with a basic premise for a cap.  Here is how I shared it with Jennifer while I was thinking it through and sharing the images with her:

  • So basic story outline... a business partner gets something on his partner, and asks for a blowjob to keep it secret
  • but repeats each morning, adding something feminine... lipstick, hair, has to swallow, has to smile, has to deepthroat...
  • And rebuffs each of his complaints quickly as if his wants and desires couldn't matter in the least
  • "But you're not gay, you don't want a bj from me"  "thats right, so while you do this you are Tiffany"
  • I just have to figure out how he makes him a woman.... and why he continues it.
  • ..this story will be half rememberance, and fear of the future
So with that in mind I opened up word and started writing.  I wrote the whole story pretty much as is.  I sent off a copy to Jennifer for a quick pulse check, and she liked it.  I never did get this to Jennifer for a full proof read before publishing it, so if you find errors, don't blame her!  But it really flowed out fairly easily. The main thing I had to fix was getting a more consistent pronoun usage (when to call him Steve or Tiffany, him or her... stuff like that).  I didn't find any I wanted to cut, so I knew that these would be 'tall' caps.  But I think the story holds up enough.

Once the story was done I went into photoshop to start designing. Now I didn't want a flat empty background, but at the same time I didn't want to draw much attention away from the image.  So I had to pick out a background image carefully.  This is the image I started with:

I know it looks loud, but I knew the colors could easily be pulled, and the white areas damped down.  It would tehn just be that streaky, smokey shape.  And that would be a nice background.

I settled on a red background to kind of match the red hair, and then desaturated the photos a bit.  Just to further that 'fashion' style photography.  The layout is my new standard, so that was easy.  The only hurdle was deciding if I should change up the portions of the story that were in the past, to contrast them more with the portions set in the present.  I tried different fonts, but it was a pain to line it up. Plus it was a little to jarring of a difference.   I tried making the past portions in italics and bold, but it didn't seem to be different enough.  so I decided on changing the color.  That was a pain to find a color that was different enough, didn't blend away into the background, and wasn't distressingly different.  Once I had this color I was more or less happy, but it was the only thing that color.  I considered scrapping the different color, when I came on the idea of making the glow behind the title that same color.  Once I did that, it just snapped.

Overall I'm happy with both the story and the design.

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  1. HMMMMMM so just because you mentioned me I know I'm an Inquirer Bitch! "giggle"

    So now onto the cap...

    Okay the first part is so beautifully written, i can't deny i don't like hunging around a cock, no we don't, uhmmm i don't want that treat (I do Tee hee) shut up whore! okey, uhmmm the idea of the makeup making him grow an interest on her femme side it's really great...

    The second part I really how he grows his acceptance to be Tiffany and be commanded by Slade (That me my all tingly and hot in there Tee hee uhmmm cock) shut up bitch! okay where was I, ouh yes and also the command of Slade to make Tiffany grow on new abilities on cocksucking "giggle".
    Hugs and Kisses (Raffside) Hey don't fuck up my motto... Slut!... Alectra

    P.S: Caitlyn... Realfield has a blog go check "giggle"