Friday, June 24, 2011

Up on a Pedestal

How do you feel about switcheroos?

So Alectra was next on my list.  And so long as I'm able to, I'm riding this wave of capping until it comes crashing into the beach.  So yesterday I looked around at images.  I was primarily looking for something Asian, as I hadn't yet capped for Alectra's Shiori personality.  Now like all of Alectra's personalities, Shiori comes with a bit of personality.  But I still tried to keep what Alectra said, and use that as a guide, and not a instruction manual.  I really did like that Shiori was both dominant and a bit submissive.  So I plaeyd that up in making her more dominant to women, and more submissive to men.  But it wasn't a black and white line, as she made her former roommate into a slave.

Now when I found this image, I immediately thought of a slave auction.  That might work with Raffside, but I didn't feel it would work with Shiori... I was about to abandon it, when Jennifer (I was chatting with her and sharing photo ideas at the time) suggested that maybe it was a reverse auction.  People bidding on being her slave.

I admit when she said that I thought it was a little silly.  But I didn't throw it out at first glance.  I let it simmer, and finally this morning I was around to liking the idea.  I even tried to play it up in the story as ambiguous.  I though if I played Shiori as both dominant and submissive, then maybe you wouldn't guess that she was auctioning off her services as a Mistress.  Therefore there is a little zinger at the end of the cap.

The story is... well in all honesty its so-so.  I think Alectra and many of you will like it, but I feel that I glossed over a LOT of fun details to get to the end.  I could have gone on and on about the actual slow physical transformation.  I could have gone on and on about Shiori dominating Paul from within, using just her voice.  I could have played a lot with the fact that Paul was submitting more and more in what he wore, what he did, and how he acted, all the while Shiori gets more and more control.

But I only had the one image, and I didn't feel like I was up to writing a super long series (I'm picturing if I traveled down just half of the paths there, this would be a 6 or 7 panel series!).  And as Dee is always saying, less is more.  Sure my less is way more than she writes.. but I think the premise still holds.

So you tell me.. did I gloss over to much here?  Did I bite off to much for a single cap?

Oh.. and design wise.  I have to admit that this new layout format is growing on me.  Its simple, but I think its a lot more dynamic than my old way of making caps.  Just adding the title that much larger, and having a slightly opaque under layer, adds a lot more variety in the end product.  I didn't crop much out of the original photo, but the background image I used was so small that by the time I stretched it out, you could see some of the jpeg jaggies.  So I had to throw a pretty big blur on it.

Here are the original files:


  1. You worry too much as always, I have already sent you a Pm about it, but I will bluntly say it here, the stockings are a weak point for me, i'm sure Jennifer knew about that as soon as you told her ^-^ really she cannot keep a secret eh, eh, eh...

    And for the story well it's great don't fret about it, I think the idea of being both the prize and a big sale is great, so I can domme around women and spend the night under my master orders. Being a deceiver has some advantages "giggle"

    Uhmmm it's because I do such longer stories and that is why I think you worry so much?
    You can try really but I love your short stories, you nailed in every point and uncovered some buttons along the way...

    And not just for the latex eh, eh, eh

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Alectra, when you say that stockings are a weak point for you, do you mean that you would rather them not be in at all (photo, story or both), or that you didn't like them emphasized as much. In all honesty I didn't think I put to much emphasis on them... it was just something I drew on from the photo.

    And no... I don't worry that my stories aren't as long as someone else's. I worry because its something that I used to do well, but haven't done in awhile. And I'm still trying to find the best middle ground between too long and too short. Between me writing out too much detail, and not writing enough detail.

  3. @Caitlyn

    HEH, weak point means that i'm in love with stockings, whether from the look of them in a pic or them being detailed as part of the transformation or as a key point to the story.

    Just looking everyday at your background make my body tingly all day ^-^
    I'm really a sucker for stockings and gloves ouh another slip heh, heh, heh.

    For the record I love detail, I can crunch a story much better if there is details "giggle"...
    Normally I prefer the details to cover the back up story rather than the actual transformation too much I like to keep some fantasy room in my head whenever reading a story ^-^
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra