Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog

Or would that be 'Hot Cockity Dog'?

o.k.  This cap will probably not be one of my best.  I made this for Candy (one eyes pirate) over at the haven.  She made a wonderful cap series for me a while back that was a revenge cap (her getting Caitlyn/Calvin back for changing her into a girl).  It was wonderfully designed, and had a great sensual story to it.  I wanted to repay her back in kind... but nothing came to mind.  I do have a set of images that I'm keeping in my back pocket for use later... I think it will make a GREAT series for Candy, but nothing is coming out of it now.  So I started searching for an image and found this strange pic.  Oddly enough I was searching for 'Sexy Blonde Bimbo'.  Sexy?  Sure.  Bimbo?  Probably.  Blonde?  Umm... no.

But it slammed a simple idea in my head;  prove you are a man by wolfing down a hot dog, and I'll change you back.  That even fit in with a continuation of Candy's previous cap to me.  I thought about putting it way to use later, as this didn't really fit what I consider to be Candy's preferences.  She has liked the longer hotter caps I made for her, and I wanted to do that.  And I don't think you get sensual humiliation out of this pic.  I mean come on... its a chick about to blow a guy dressed up like a hot dog!  This doesn't scream sensuality, it screams comedy.  But no other image came up that gave me a good idea.  And as I'm not exactly a fountain of great caps recently, I didn't want to mess up an opportunity to make something that could be good.

I do think Candy will like it.  Its not her exact cup of tea, but I think its in the ball park.  And as for funny caps go, I think its a pretty good one.  I tried to keep a light funny tone throughout, and even used a more saturated color scheme, and 'funner' font to push it a little further.


  1. I liked the cap. But how does slurping a big bun length down prove he's a better MAN? I thinks there is sneakiness a foot.

  2. Do you think I could get a couple of those? I'm kinda hungry, and whats more manly then woofing down a few foot longs?

    I thought the story was cute, but I thought there was plenty of things that made it humiliating. Sure, the plot was a stretch for why she had to prove her self a bigger man by sucking a guys dick. but i think that is one thing that did make it humiliating, forcing her to do something that would prove she was a girl, just to try and prove she was a man. And the added touch of special mayo and getting the bun and everything in one go.

    I really liked it! ^_^

  3. And if she eats it all, including the hot dog, does Pete become Patricia?