Monday, June 27, 2011

Alyssa's Unexpected Return

Caitlyn's unexpected writing spurt continues!

This cap is for New-Daughter over at the Haven.  I love that she has so much to work from in her preferences.  Obviously I'll hae to see if I hit a button or two with this one, but this follows "Bad Boy, Good Girl", which followed "Wedding Belles".  So for the same person I have stories focused on a shemale wedding, pet play, and now adoptive families. Yea... I wouldn't think they went together either.  

Now the idea for this went though several stages, Although they all stayed with the adoptive family theme.  The first thought I had was for it to be a real adoptive family.  Some sort of accident, makes Eli go to an adoptive family, where they accept him in, but change him over to the daughter they had lost years ago.  I liked the idea because it also fit in with New Daughters other preference of Domination and hypnosis. But two problems cropped up quickly.  For it to be anything near an R-XXX cap would require someone at the age of consent (and for me that is more 18 than 16), and that age would make it hard to believe needed an adoptive family.  It would also require a longer intro, and probably turn into at least two panels.  The second idea I had was closer to what I ended up with.  An exchange student gets transformed by the daughter of the exchange family.  She blackmails him into telling the parents that he wanted this, so they agree to help.  But I couldn't find an image that helped me out in that story.  The last idea I had was of the exchange family wanting to learn about school girls.  Eli explains that the slutty submissive lesbian fantasy they talk about is just fiction, but they transform him into that fantasy to prove that he is wrong, and they are right.  But by the time I got this idea down, I lost the mood to write.  So I dropped it.  

Today when I searched for an image, I found this delicious little item, and the basic idea of him getting transformed into the exchange family's daughter came up.  She was a nice innocent girl, but when he gets into school he finds out that she is really not innocent at all.  When I started writing I realized that I had completely left out the idea of domination and hypnotism... but I liked the story, and re-writing those preferences in would make this a completely differnt story.  It wouldn't be about him 'remembering' Alyssa's life as a girl, but would be about him being dominated.  At that point, the school girl idea wouldn't be quite the 'pop' at the end as it is here.  So hopefully New Daughter likes this version.  

Nothing special about this design wise.  Although there were several photos to pick from.  Here is the background element as well as the original and alternate photos:

You know, when I fist saw this background image I was so focused on the pink flowers, that I didn't even notice the girl in the background holding the fan!


  1. Those pics are a real eye candy so kudos first for that ^-^

    I love how you put Alyssa in here dealing with her daily life first as a boy then noticing she is not a boy anymore but a girl then the flows of the story advances and she came back to her senses in front of the girl frat she is in or has been forced to be in "giggle".

    A really lovely future ahead "giggle"

    Always good to come for inspiration to your place and if you don't mind you could get a bit more wordy on the technical process behind the cap? pretty please ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Clearly whenever you run into a problem with writer's block you need to cap me from my Kink of the Day. That seems to clear it right up!