Friday, June 17, 2011

[Question] More quick hits.

If I close my eyes, does it become masturbation?

Break me off a piece of that ________!
Umm.... what?  O.k... first off are you seriously censoring yourself?  On a blog dedicated for forcibly feminizing men and then generally having them get ass fucked or give blow jobs?  Or are you being coy?

Break me off a piece of that scrumptious apple you happen to be eating!
Break me off a piece of that Toblerone with all of its delicious swiss chocolate, honey and almond nougat!
Break me off a piece of that greasy wondrous meat loaf sandwich with extra mayo (organic of course)!
Break me off a piece of that funk!
Break me off a piece of that applesauce!
Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!

I don't know.  But being that it isn't really a question, I guess I don't feel bad about not really answering it!

What would you do for a klondike bar? 
In all honesty I haven't had a sweet tooth for several years.  If someone were to just hand me a klondike bar (sealed of course.. never take open food from strangers kiddies!) I MAY accept it, and possibly eat some of it.  But probably not.  So if someone is asking me to perform some fairly out of the way task, I probably wouldn't comply.  Even if someone asked me to do something rather mundane, I wouldn't do it, as why work for something that I don't really want?

So... what would I do?  Breathe?  I'm doing it anyway, and wouldn't hold my breath just to deny a klondike bar.

Oh.. and Caitlyn just wanted to chime in... she would probably suck cock.  But she would be doing that anyway, so thats like me breathing.

when you're in a bad mood, what do you do to get out of it?
Now thats a question I can sink my teeth into.  I have several levels of bad mood.  The upper most level is when I'm doing anything that isn't giving me direct and immediate pleasure.  Working at my current job, filling up the car with gas, paying bills... stuff like that.  To get out of that 'bad mood' I simply need to stop doing that task. Once the gas is filled up, and I'm driving on down the road, I'm back in a good mood.

There are other bad moods which are more of a lack of good mood.  For instance this yesterday morning:   I got home from work, grabbed a cup of coffee, and started reading up on my web pages (news feeds, sports sites, gaming websites... all of my non-tg stuff).  There was interesting reading to be had, a good cup of joe next to me, and the satisfaction that I had nothing else to do for the day.  But even with all of that, I wasn't in a good mood.  I should have been, but it wasn't doing it.   So that put a cloud under my silver lining.  For the most part these 'bad moods' will settle out on their own with no interaction from me.  I'll find something that will put me into a good mood, and then its gone.  But these can also lead to really bad moods.

The really bad moods are when things start going wrong.  This happened yesterday.   I couldn't seem to break out of a cycle of being interrupted.  Any little thing I wanted to do kept getting interrupted by others.  My bro walking into my room (frustratingly while I was making Angel's cap forcing me to minimize Photoshop and all incriminating evidence) and chatted me up about his new video card and computer.  Several friends wanted to chat me up online.. but sporadically.  Whenever I thought the conversation was done, it would start back up again.  I would head out for a smoke (it helps me 'reset') but my neighbor wanted to chat me up about the tomato plants that were starting to blossom.   This type of interruption over and over and over, along with the fact that I was already in a bad move described above, spiraled me into the black hole of bad moods.  Now EVERYTHING was making it worse.  The temperature was either to hot or to cold.  The lamp next to my computers was putting out WAY to much light.  My monitor was to low. The ache in my back became a pain.  I got a headache.  My hand started to throb.

All of these things were really fairly minor.. but once that kind of bad mood strikes, there isn't anything that won't piss me off in some way.  I was actually describing this to a friend yesterday and I said 'If there was a beautiful woman between my legs giving me a blow job, she would be annoying me right now'.

To get out of one of those moods, I need to get into something that will take all of my attention, and pray that it brings me some kind of joy. Given enough time of 'fun' the bad mood will break, and I'll be back in a standard 'not good, not bad' mood.  But its tricky... playing a game can take my attention... but if I don't play well, or its a particularly difficult time I will rage at it.  Reading can do it, but it better be a good book.  Television/Movies can do it, but they better be really good, and no commercials.

When I am really in a good groove, capping can do it.  But that is just to hit or miss to be a reliable way out of a bad mood.  The only other alternative is sleep.  Either a very deep nap, or a full nights sleep.  When I wake up from that its a fresh start.  So long as I don't spiral back down with annoyances, I can restart in a good mood.  Thats how I ended my bad mood yesterday... I went to bed.

What would you do for a klondike bar?
I'll tell you one thing I wouldn't do.  I wouldn't post the same question twice to a blog!

If Caitlyn was a seperate person and you met her somewhere, would you have sex with her?
Hmmm.  I think to properly frame my answer I have to define several things.

First having sex.  Lets face it, there are a lot of varieties of having sex.  From just meeting up with a girl, getting her into bed and having some good mutual fucking, to meeting that special someone, starting a relationship and making love.

I've had both extremes... I've fucked, and I've made love.  And I've had that in between 'sex' with someone I like.   To be honest over the past few years I've really shied away from 'fucking'.  Its nice in the moment, but it almost always has bad consequences.  Either she starts to fall for me, or I start to fall for her.  I've never had a good 'fuck' that ended up with both of us starting to feel stronger feelings toward each other.  I've also put looking for that special someone on the back burner, so I have also been without making love for a while (a long while!).

The next thing to define is Caitlyn.  Caitlyn is fairly well formed in my head, and getting more formed with each passing day.  She has wants, and desires.  She has her own sense of humor, and her own 'issues' to deal with.  But she still isn't a fully formed person, even in my head. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't have a body.

But lets play a bit, and make Caitlyn a fully formed separate person.  I have one major problem with Caitlyn... she is a guy.  If she is a real person, then that means it wasn't magic or some wild technology that made her... she is probably a cross dresser, or going through the process of changing her sex to female.  But she also did it forcibly.  That is the main driving force behind Caitlyn; forced femme.  So it comes down to what stage Caitlyn is at.

She could be at an early stage.  A guy secretly wanting to be forcibly feminized.  While Caitlyn loves that, I really have no desire to forcibly feminize someone.  Even if they want it.  Its not within 'me' to do that to another person.  So if I met this Caitlyn, then no, I wouldn't have sex with her.

She could be at a mid stage.  She has already been forcibly feminized.  She looks at herself as female, even though she is still male.  She may have breasts (real or implants, it doesn't matter), long hair, a song like voice.. but she still has male genitals.  I am sure that at this stage she would be attractive, but that attractiveness would die quickly once her panties came off.  My real sexual preference is toward women, so I would lose all of my attraction.  So if I met this Caitlyn, then no, I wouldn't have sex with her (although she may trick me into a blow job while her illusion is still intact!).

She could be at a more final stage.  She has had a sex change, and is now for all intensive purposes, a woman.  She is sterile, and can't bear children, but externally she is all woman.   At this point she wouldn't turn me off... but I don't know that for sure.  And I don't think I could know how I would feel until it happened.  Could I get past the fact that this beautiful woman was once a man?  She certainly isn't now... but my mind doesn't let facts go all that easily.  I think it would come down to her personality.  Is this a person that I could love... because as I stated up above, I'm not looking to fuck anymore.  I'm looking to make love.

And here we come back to the problem of Caitlyn not being a fully formed person.  I imagine she would be very similar to me.  Many of my own quirks piss me off when I see them in other people. But on the other hand some of my quirks I find incredibly endearing when I see them in other people. I guess I can't really answer it.  I've been in love several times, and each time she had 'something' that I found to love.  That 'something' was always different.

So... assuming that the fact that she was a man doesn't get under my skin in a bad way, and assuming that she has 'something' that makes me love her, then yes, I would have sex with that Caitlyn.


  1. And do i love how Caitlyn goes out of the troubles and make herself mad at it? "giggle"

    I can totally understand you on the part of trying to minimize the proof of the "crime" while doing something "dirty and naughty"... i got those, eh even my brother bumped into my room, then i saw him exit then my sister came then almost, almost saw what i was doing with the caps eh, eh, eh even if she is older than me i don't want her to discover my secret!
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. "If there was a beautiful woman between my legs giving me a blow job, she would be annoying me right now." LOL

  3. I don't get many questions from formspring (I have one from last week I need to write up) but after seeing some of these with the candy bar jingles, I'm sort of glad that most of the questions I get are legit.

    As to the real question, I am SO glad that you are one to admit that you'd wouldn't want to be in a relationship with yourself.

    I feel the same way, and people think I'm weird for saying the same thing. I would HATE HATE HATE to date a woman that was just like me. I tend to dominate a relationship, and like Dalton, its often a matter of "My way or the highway" when it comes to any sort of decision that is of any sort of consequence. That said, I'll ask something like, "Where would you like to go out for dinner?" and get a response of "Wherever you want is fine with me." and think, "Damn, you can't even figure out what you want? Jesus!" I've been with my GF for over 12 years, and the fact that we still can deal with each other is a testament to something, not sure what! LOL

    As far as bad moods go .. usually takes a masturbation session to get rid of one of those. Really hard to be pissed off when you are getting your jollies!