Friday, December 30, 2011


If it wasn't for chauvinistic bosses, sissy secretaries would be out of work!

I felt I was on a roll after making "Politically Advantageous" so I went right out and started another cap.   When I found this image, I knew I had to use it, and the gist of the story came right away.  But when I started writing, all sort of little details started coming in.  Now its been awhile since I wrote a longer story, so I figured I would just keep writing and see how it turned out.

And beyond a few minor edits, this is what I wrote.  The problem being, that this much story doesn't fit into my 'new' layout.  I did try a few methods... but this is the 'best' that I came up with (understand, this was by no means 'finished'.  I would have worked on the colors, and background some more):

Now the text being uneven didn't bother me.  I new it would only take a little tweaking or adding to get them even.  But the double column just didn't work for me.  I don't really know why. Maybe because the entire cap would be 'even' but the image wasn't.  Or that I would have the title centered and above the pic... I don't know.  I just didn't like where it was going. I could have deleted some of the story, and made it fit into a larger box on the left, and a smaller box on the right... but I honestly didn't see any part of the story I was willing to give up.  I think each part build upon the last, and taking some out would reduce more than the space the text takes up.

So... without a clever idea, I just stepped back and used my old format.  I did put quite a bit more text under the image than I normally do, but I think having the entire quote at the end made it work better.


  1. Nice Caitlyn go show them what you can do! Those chauvinistic bossess won't hold their ground with you around. *giggle*

    There is a little tiny error you made and that's right on the start of your story.

    When "the" Sheri and the girls... be careful with that, unless you specifically wanted to use the article there to sound like a poor skilled conversationalist (Which I won't believe it!), it shouldn't be there at all!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. The completed version does look more "Caitlyn" than the other one, which is designed more in a Petra sort of style.

    If you had continued with the first style, perhaps flipping the picture around and doing two angled text boxes so that mostly just the secretary is shown, and cover everything that isn't her, might have worked, but I think there was just too much text to work with in that style. You made a good choice in using "Classic Caitlyn" mode to present this caption!

  3. @Alectra
    Thank you for pointing that out. I know exactly how I made that mistake. I had about half the story written, before deciding I needed at least one of the 'girls' to have a voice. Before that I had just left it as 'the girls of the secretarial pool'. So when I added Sheri in, I put it in after the 'the' and not before it.

    I briefly considered tilting the text boxes. But I don't like how the text lines up when it is like that. I could tilt the text as well, but then I am forcing my reader to cock her head to the side to read it. And unless there is a reason, I don't like making them harder to read.

    But thanks for the suggestion, and the compliment.

  4. Caitlyn,

    I waited a bit on responding to this, because you posed some interesting options, and I wanted to take time and try to look at them all...

    First, the cap you came up with works very well, and is VERY nice :) I have the same source pic in my stash, and love it.. I love the color scheme and the text-effect for the chauvinist title... Of course, the STORY is wonderful, and she is delightful :)

    As for your alternate style... maybe if you reduced the font size just a smidge, then both boxes could be a bit smaller... you could make the text box background mostly translucent, then the picture wouldn't feel so chopped off.. the area by her feet could then have little or no text at all...

    Just an idea :)
    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog