Monday, December 5, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

What would you do to live out your dream?

Not to much to say about this one.  I just wanted to make a cap, but didn't have any overriding theme to follow.  Nor was I feeling particularly creative.  Just... you know.. in the mood.

I know I owe Alectra one, but I didn't feel that this mood was going to get me through a good cap.  And in the end, I believe I'm right.  This is o.k... fairly fun bubble gum style capping.  But for a friend I would want something better.  Both image wise, and story wise.  Plus I already have an idea for Alectra, but it still needs some time to percolate.

I only had a few things that I struggled with at all.  One was cutting down on the story in little bits to make it fit better.  One was differentiating between the voices (font? font color? box color?...).  And last was getting the short director's box to match up visually with 'Tonys' last dialoge box.  I didn't want to add dialog to the director, but it just felt wrong being so small.

I'm happy with the idea of adding the 'Later That Day' bit the way I did.  I'll tell you though, I am NOT happy with the colored text boxes.  It was simply the best of all the bad options I presented myself with.  The only way that would work is to re-write the story as one big piece, and adding things like 'Tony said', and 'Calvin said'.  But that doesn't split well, and I wanted this to be all dialog,


  1. I think the boxes would have worked better if you flipped the image and had her on the left side, with the title running down the left side, like this:


    Without the title in the top, you could stretch out the blue dialog box, and then fit the brown one pretty much where it is but on the other side. For me, there is too much negative space in the middle to upper right corner of the caption.

    Just a thought.

  2. I see what you are saying Dee. I agree that there is far to much empty space in the upper right corner. I considered recropping the image, to push it further up into its own upper right corner, but I cropped the image, and then heavily manipulated the color (taking out the background color). Doing that 'quick' edit would have added a lot of time for what I was afraid might be minimal effect.