Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lovers Revenge

Damn that Facebook!

So I have another trade cap.  This one is for Steffimarie who has a couple wonderful blogs of her own entitled Steffimariechen's Forced Femme/TG Captions and Steffimariechen's Naughty Bits.  If you haven't already, then you should really head over to both blogs and check out her work.   I followed her older blog for a long time, and was really kind of sad when it was pulled down.  But thankfully she is back.

Steffi, like myself enjoys not only male to female captions, but male to shemale, and male to sissy.  Mmm... Sissy Caps.  So it was pretty easy to write a story that I found interesting.  The hard part, is finding the right 'sissy' picture.  I generally perfer my 'sissys' to be more clothed than the image I used here, that way I can talk about their padded bras, or breast forms.   But Steffi does like hormones as well as surgery.  So while I don't spell it out in the cap, I figure that the hormone treatment got Ron started on his breast development, and then a surgery to finish it off.  I would have added that in a more direct way, but I felt it kept getting in the way of the story.

Instead I focused on how Coleen got Ron to do this (vising Rachel's Haven), and what she was going to do with Patrick.

Now to be honest, I started this morning with the thought of capping someone new (yea, I haven't capped Steffi before, but I've followed her blog and caps long enough that I don't consider her 'new').  So I went to the Haven and looked up the newest member to get a trading folder.  But the preferences just sent me for a loop... her biggest buttons were Asian and Pregnant.  And she also liked mental manipulation to the point that it is practically a new person.  I have nothing against Asians, but I don't personally like pregnant caps, and I don't enjoy that big of a mental manipulation.  As you know, I like humiliation, and I feel that if you have that much of a mental change, then there really isn't any humiliation to enjoy.

I did try though... I found some interesting pics of pregnant women, but I just couldn't get my heart into it.  Instead of forging ahead, I dropped what I was doing and went to someone who shared some of my preferences.


  1. Ah Caitlyn,

    You always pic the most dramatic and artistic source pics :)

    And of course, you know where all of my buttons are, and push them shamelessly! A wonderful story, and you're correct the surgery doesn't need to be spelled out, it's strongly implied if you're thinking about the situation...

    An absolutely wonderful trading caption! I've given myself this first month of Blogging to get back on my feet, then return caption coming your way, sweetie!


    Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

  2. Are Ron and Colene brother and sister? The first time I thought so, but she mentions giving the links to his parents. Not sure how else she'd be able to get on his computer.

    Once I read it a few times I managed to figure out all the various people, though I'm still not sure about how Ron and Colene fit in with each other before the changes happened.

    Great story otherwise though. Perhaps I just needed a flowchart!

  3. @Steffi
    Thank you! I think there are people that pick better photos to me on a regular basis, but this was was kinda nice wasn't it? I don't recall the exact year, but it was from a 70s playboy I believe.

    Hmm... quick answer is no. Ron and Colene are just friends. I believe I was more clear on an earlier version (same version that explained that Ron's parents were in Europe), but it got edited down. It was clear in my head, but now that I read it with that ambiguity, I can see where the mistake would be made.

    I did feel that I was throwing a bunch of names down. Colene, Sean, Tommy, Patrick, Ron and of course Mandy.

  4. Didn't mean to make you fret, Caitlyn.

    For me, just by dropping the Y in "your parents" so it becomes "our parents" makes a ton more sense. At first, I thought that was what happened, in the proofing, it was correctly spelled but not the right word.

    Still quite the caption though!

  5. No worries Dee. I do agree with you though that it would work better with them as brother/sister. Especially so since I think Steffi would have liked it a bit more that way!

  6. Caitlyn,

    I would have liked it equally well either way... To me, it was clear that Colene/Ron were friends/aquaintences... The "your parents" made it obvious, never even thought of a typo...

    In captions like this, where the backstory is a little less clear, my mind fills in the blanks with what makes most sense to me... Someone else might read the same story and assume they were brother/sister or cousins, but it doesn't really matter... it adds a bit of context, that's all :) Regardless, it's a beautiful cappie!