Thursday, December 29, 2011

Politically Advantageous

Damn politicians!

So last night I had a bit of a headache.  I didn't feel like I could concentrate enough to make a cap, but it was on my mind.  So to distract myself I went to the ol' boob toob hoping to catch something good.  Sadly, there was nothing on that interested me at all.   Going through the On Demand menu I found a show that I had always intended to watch, but never got the chance... Boss.  Its about the mayor of Chicago played by Kelsey Gramer.  And of course if you are thinking... Hmm... Mayor of Chicago.. corruption... then you are on the right track.

One of the interesting story lines was him giving a video to the Governor of his political opponent beating a man while he was in college.  When the governor put the video out, and commented on how dispicable it was, the opponent (fully supported by the Mayor of course) had a press conference showing that he wasn't beating the man, but trying to save him.  He even had the man in the audience.

The thought of that type of political manipulation and corruption got me thinking of that idea in a cap.

So today when I finally felt up to it, I made this little gem.  It's not my best, but I like how it turned out.  I can imagine a second part of the story, and might even make it... but I would need some specific images to make it work.


  1. Gosh you make that pic looks so scrumptious! Great abilities as always ^^

    When I saw that the story was titled something about politics... I knew something of this would come... If only those senators would get this for real *giggle*

    Other than that pretty much enjoyed your little read into "politics affairs"

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Hmmm, I am trying to think of where in America a man could lose votes because he was too good! Maybe in Charlie Sheen's world? Then they'd both be WINNING!

  3. Of course, because I'm... well.. ME... I have to say AWESOME pic :)

    The story is interesting and as you mentioned, ripe for a sequel, but whatta pic!

    "Visually stunning" I can see I will wear out using on your comments :)


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